Have Fun Watching Haunted House In Ohio

Haunted House In Ohio

If you’re looking for a frightening yet fun experience this October, Ohio has some of the most haunted attractions in the country! One of the most popular Ohio haunted houses is the Haunted Hoochie at Hoochie’s Haunted House in Cleveland. The Haunted Hoochie is a haunted house with live actors and 3D animations and is the longest-running Haunted House In Ohio. Haunted Ohio is one of the most famous haunted houses in the country. The houses are designed to give you the feeling of being lost and afraid in the dark.

The things that you experience in a haunted house

Haunted House

The haunted house was initially built around 1884. Due to its age, the house began displaying some strange behaviour. Windows began opening and closing by themselves, doors would open while no one was near them, and lights would turn on at night. Other reports say that the house became haunted after a boy who died inside came back as a ghost. People have reported seeing apparitions standing behind mirrors, hearing footsteps throughout the house, feeling cold spots, hearing voices, and smelling smoke.

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy crawlies have been seen crawling out of drains throughout the home. A family even claimed their daughter had sex with one. Others report seeing eyes peering out windows and a black figure walking downstairs.

Boogey Man

Many people believe the haunt may be due to the previous owner’s suicide. When he did so, he hung himself in front of his children. One of his daughters told her mother about him hanging himself, but instead of getting help, she took a shovel and buried him in the backyard. She has since been accused of killing her father.


Vampires were blamed for causing the haunting. Many claim they heard screams from the basement, saw shadows moving throughout the house, and felt cold spots. There are many theories on how vampires could cause these incidents. Some people think vampires fed on the blood of young children and left their bodies in places where sunlight couldn’t reach them. Others think they drained blood from the bodies and put it in food molds. Still, others think they drank the blood directly from the victims’ necks.

Ghostly Sounds

People have reportedly heard groaning sounds, laughter, heavy breathing, and slamming of doors. In addition, there were reports of footsteps moving around, tapping, and scratching sounds. Voices were also heard calling out, “Who’s there?” and “Come here.”


Bloodstains have been noticed throughout the house. There are reports of blood dripping onto floors, the kitchen sink, the bathroom, and even the ceiling. There were also rumours of a child’s body being found in the attic.


Ghosts have been spotted moving throughout the house. Shadows have been observed walking across ceilings, appearing in empty rooms, and materializing in closets. One photo shows what appears to be a girl sitting on a bed, wearing a white dress. Another picture showed what appeared to be an old man standing in the doorway between two bedrooms.