Hello Kitty and Unicorn Coloring Pages: beautiful things are waiting for the little ones to discover.

Kitty and Unicorn

Children are always interested and attracted to things that are beautiful and pure. With girls, most of them like beautiful dolls, all like dresses with lots of bows and flowers, etc. But sometimes parents don’t know that it will be more enjoyable if they create beautiful things by themselves that are nice. As long as you bring your child a set of coloring pages, he will draw the world sparkling with many exciting things. Hello Kitty and Unicorn Coloring Pages are the gift of beauty we want to bring to children, especially girls. Let’s learn and have fun with coloring pages for hours of fun.

Hello Kitty coloring pages: From the power of cute to a billion-dollar brand.

Created in 1974 by Sanrio, Hello Kitty is one of the most famous iconic characters. Besides being the ambassador of Japan, Hello Kitty also has the total commercial value that helps Hello Kitty itself become a billion-dollar brand. The simple lines that make up the face are a huge part of Hello Kitty’s creativity and commercial and creative success; besides, Sanrio’s designers have been rigorously trained at the headquarters of Tokyo HQ company to draw this model. Since her birth, Kitty has worn a red bow (or other accessories) on her left ear to symbolize the character. This bow has appeared in many other fashion brands and symbols, such as the Godzilla character (to promote the monster anime in Japan), Fila t-shirts, and Swarovski necklaces.

Kitty is famous for her mouthless image, which Longueira explains because Kitty speaks from the heart, allowing fans to express their feelings for Kitty. According to anthropology professor Christine Yano of the University of Hawaii (USA), who has been studying the Hello Kitty phenomenon for the past five years. Unlike Barbie, whose beauty is too revealing and sexy, Hello Kitty exudes beauty graceful, gentle, sweet, quiet, and thus conquers the world. If with Barbie dolls, people only have to change their clothes, but with Hello Kitty, you can stylize what you want. Hello Kitty is sticking to Mickey Mouse button, one of America’s most famous cartoon characters, in innovative fashion products. Hello Kitty products are inexpensive, so kids can use their savings to buy them. Moreover, the models are constantly changing so people can collect Hello Kitty.

Printable hello kitty coloring sheets

When I was a child, I also owned toys from Hello Kitty, such as Hello Kitty printed clocks, Hello Kitty teddy bears, or Hello Kitty’s pink desk. I thought it would be great if I also had Hello Kitty Coloring sheets back then to unleash my creativity and color the pictures I like.

Children can color the dolls they like best. Hello, Kitty is usually pink and white, but if your baby loves red, yellow, or blue, you can create different colors for it. The creative recognition of colors will help children develop thinking and a good sense of art. We always make products detailed, clear images to ensure product quality. What’s more, the cute pictures of the characters will always win children’s hearts more. We want to make coloring a subject and a game that children enjoy outside stressful study hours.

Unicorn Coloring Pages: Unicorn is a symbol and meaning of beauty and goodness.

The Unicorn is one of the most mystical animals, praised for centuries in folklore, poetry, and oral tradition. It leaves a great mystery that the world has yet to figure out. Although no one has seen the Unicorn in centuries, it is still believed that it exists in a faraway land. The Unicorn is a mythical creature in European culture with the form of a white horse with horns, commonly known as a symbol of resilience, courage, and intelligence. Unicorns are often used to refer to wonderful, rare, and extraordinary things.

The Unicorn has all the characteristics of a benevolent animal; when moving, it avoids stepping on insects and soft grass under its feet. The Unicorn never eats or harms any animal, especially it never drinks dirty water, it only eats grass, so it is called Human Beast (benevolent beast).

The Unicorn has always been the most beautiful and beloved of the mythical and legendary creatures, from the scaly dragon to the cunning sphinx. While many magical creatures portend danger, unicorns often bring good luck. For centuries, Europeans believed in its existence as a real animal living abroad. According to legend, the Unicorn is a symbol for women. It is thought that only a pure young virgin with pure thoughts can catch him. Often on ancient paintings and manuscripts, one can see images of these noble animals together with beautiful maidens.

Printable unicorn coloring sheets

Like Hello Kitty Coloring sheets, Unicorn Coloring sheets are images of horses with horns, symbolizing beauty and purity. If your child has never heard of or learned about unicorns, this is also an opportunity for him to learn even more new things.

Coloring beautiful and cute characters and animals will often be noticed and loved by children. Unicorn coloring sheets are fun for children to develop thinking, creativity, concentration, fine motor skills, and color recognition. And learning more knowledge of new animals will also help your baby get to know more animals – new cute friends.


We continually develop coloring products that guarantee quality in both content and quantity. Our coloring products have many themes for parents to choose from for their children to learn and have fun. Hello Kitty and Unicorn Coloring Pages is one of our quality products that parents should let their children experience. Hopefully, coloring activities will be more popular and help children develop more creative thinking. Please share and give us comments to create more products here: https://coloringpagesonly.com.

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