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Here are 5 things you should know before you start!


Being a programmer is both easy and difficult at the same time. The reason for this is that although at the same time it is a very interesting job during which every programmer learns new and new things, the job of a programmer is at the same time quite a demanding job. There are many reasons why this job is demanding.

From the fact that you have to know certain terminology in order to be able to deal with this kind of business, to the fact that very often new things come out and are discovered. If you want to be the best possible programmer, it is necessary that you are “up-to-date” with all the new things and information and that you know how users “breathe”. In the continuation of this article, HDE will say something more about what would be good if everyone who wants to become a good programmer knows before and after starting to deal with this. Let’s get started!

Before you start – relax

First of all, you are not expected to know by heart all the programming terms you come across or see. As you start programming, you’ll see what exactly the term refers to and what exactly you know which term, so there’s no need to know them all by heart simply because you can’t even know them by heart. So instead of trying to scribble them, try to logically determine them by what they are used for and when they are used.

This way you will learn much easier and much sooner which of them means and when to use them. This method of practical application is particularly helpful in situations where you need to deal with or when you are dealing with a large number of programming terms which are in themselves quite confusing and which involve or relate to another confusing term (or terms). Most important of all is not to worry about it when you learn to program because in programming practice is much more important than theory.

Text editing programs or text editors

Text editing programs are, as their name implies, editing text parts of a program or within a larger program (usually an operating system). But while programs like this may seem simple at first, it’s amazing how much of an ordinary program like this can be used for more complicated things.

One of the most classic Notepad text editing programs from Windows operating systems. Although it looks simple, it actually contains various mutually integrated commands and options for how the keyboard can be used within Windows. One of the very important features that this program contains is the emphasis on syntax. This feature allows program users to highlight different parts or parameters in different colours, after which the programmer can distinguish commands, languages, and other things. Emphasizing syntax is very important especially when indicating errors or when separating a piece of program code.