Here are the 5 Things architects need to serve their first client

A successful construction project fulfils the desires of the client, meets the needs and contributes to the overall well-being of your environment. This project can only be achieved if you have a good working relationship with your architect.

An architect is trained to assist you in realising your goals and guide you through construction. Particularly, architects can help you navigate the complicated regulatory building process, including zoning laws, building codes, bids and contract negotiations.

The architect can transform your ideas into functional design solutions through education, training, or professional experience.

The architect, who acts as an advisor, coordinator, technical manager best a3 printer for architects, and creative artist, can design and manage a contract that results in a project that is on time, within budget, and of high quality.

The most important decision you will make is to choose the right architect.

Architecture as a Profession

A person must complete the following steps to become a registered/licensed architect in Canada:

  • Specific educational requirements
  • Many years of experience in all areas of practice.
  • Extensive examinations.

Canada’s provincial legislatures are responsible for regulating the profession. The Architects Act is administered by the provincial architectural association. The authority of the provincial architect association regulates the professional conduct. A licence to practice or membership in an architect firm or organisation can be suspended or cancelled if it violates ethical standards. The office of the relevant association can provide copies of the statutes, regulations, and bylaws. Here are links to the websites of provincial associations.

How to Find an Architect

There are many ways to find an architect, including:

  • Use the RAIC Electronic Directory.
  • If the directory is not available, request and review it. These directories provide summary information about how to locate every practicing architect or practice in the region. This directory might also contain information such as the name of the principal, year of establishment, profile of completed projects, staffing and notable commissions or awards.
  • Visit the websites of architects.
  • Ask your provincial associations to provide a list or firms of architects who meet the requirements for your project. You may also be able visit the offices of different firms to view portfolios.
  • You can use your past experience to nominate architects who have been helpful in the past.
  • Ask for recommendations from people or organisations that have worked on similar projects.
  • Advertise in a provincial or local publication such as the newsletter or website of the provincial association. You can also use the following sample advertisement if you wish to advertise. You may be able to help prepare an advertisement through the provincial association.

It will make the process much easier if the number of potential architects is manageable. Two architects might be enough for a small project; ten may be necessary for a larger, more complex assignment.

There are many ways to find an architect for your project.

Sample Advertisement


Mountainville Regional School Board seeks an architect to design a 15-classroom addition at Mountainville High School. Construction costs are $1,250,000.

The following information MUST should be submitted by interested architects:

  1. Name, description, and size of the firm.
  2. The location of the office.
  3. Resumes of firm members who are available to assist with the assignment.
  4. Previous experience in similar work.

This is not a request for proposals. After submitting proposals, interviews and evaluating the responses, an architect will be chosen.


  • Mr. Harry Dault
  • c/o Mountainville Regional School Board
  • Mountainville, BC V7V 1M8
  • Telephone: (604) 925-3457
  • Fax: (604) 925-3455

Advertisements should contain the following information:

  • Name of the client’s company
  • Name of the project
  • A brief description of the project including its size and value.
  • Contact person: Name, address, and phone


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