Hire Exotic cars for luxurious trip in Dubai

Dubai offers great and high-end experiences that lead to providing a luxurious lifestyle. It is well-known for many tourist destinations, its culture, sky-high buildings, lavish shopping malls. etc. If you want to have a peek at the history of Dubai, you can explore many hidden treasures like ancient mosques, sand dunes, etc. Just follow the tips to find a affordable car rental company, to get a rental car of your own choice.

Dubai is the best place to rent a luxurious vehicle. Although many companies offer cars of different ranges from economical to exotic cars. From sports cars to minivans, and SUVs they offer everything. You can even rent out exotic cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, etc of your own choice.

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  • Tourism in Dubai
  • How to hire a luxury car in Dubai?
  • What is the age limit to rent a luxury car?
  • What are the required documents to rent an exotic car?
  • What are the charges for rental cars?
  • Final thoughts

Tourism in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai 

Dubai witnesses a large number of tourists and especially in winters. It is because the winters in Dubai are more beautiful, unlike summers. Also, the weather is quite hot for you especially if you want to roam around as a tourist. Winters are the best time to enjoy the deserts whether it is the Arabian desert or Safari desert. You can enjoy yourself a lot and the most affordable price. Just get yourself a luxury car and you are ready to go.

How to hire a luxury car in Dubai?

How to hire a luxury car in Dubai

Hiring a luxury car is quite easy in Dubai. To make a deal you should provide your passport, driving license, and deposit fee. Also, your hired car is just not a vehicle, it is the lifestyle you choose for yourself. And, that’s the main reason that many car rental companies offer luxurious and exotic cars for the tourists to choose from. You can choose a Car lease Dubai option as well if you are staying in Dubai for a long time.

What is the age limit to rent a luxury car?

You can get a car easily in Dubai if you are 21 years old, but to book luxurious cars, your age must be 25 years old. Many rental car companies offer additional insurance for young drivers but it will be quite a costly option to consider. But, if you are ready to get it, make sure to confirm all the additional costs of insurance to avoid any issues in the future when you return the car.

What are the required documents to rent an exotic car?

rent an exotic car

If you are a foreigner in Dubai, you have to provide the passport copies and your IDP copies as well. If you are from the USA or Europe, your national driving license may also work. In case you are booking the exotic car online, you have to provide proper images of all the required documents to confirm your booking and verification process. It helps rental agencies to combat fraud. Make sure to read the proper terms, rules, and regulations to avoid hidden fees and future issues.

What are the charges for rental cars?

What are the charges for rental cars

It mostly includes daily vehicle rates new jeep for sale and many companies also add the delivery charges to drop the car to your location. But, if you rent a car from reputed car rental services company, you don’t have to pay any delivery or pick-up charges. Also, 5% of value-added tax is added by the UAE government and you have to pay it. Make sure to check the total cost as some companies will add payment processing fees and rate markup on top of the communicated rates.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned important steps you should consider while renting an exotic car in Dubai. Choose a professional car rental company so that you will travel with ease and without any problems.

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