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What Are The 3 Types Of Web Design?

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Search engines and website visitors both have different needs and necessities. In order to satisfy both of these entities, you need to incorporate the needs of both in your web design. There are many different types of web designs available. Each type of web design has its own features and benefits.

If you want to build a corporate identity then a visual web design is not the solution. If you want your product to attract visitors, you need a design that features text. Text and related information will allow users to get to know your product better.

There are mainly three kinds of web designs, static, dynamic, and eCommerce. The type of web design you choose depends upon the scope of your business and your mission.

1.  Static web design

Static design is one in which the text or information does not change. Over the course of time, the information on the pages does not change. Static websites can be made using Java, CSS, and HTML.

They are easily crawled and picked up by search engines and are very simple to create. They are highly functional and have to be updated manually, which is a very time-consuming and tiring task.

2.  Dynamic or CMS web design

A dynamic website is very difficult to design. It is one in which changes occur, and the website has to be updated automatically every now and then.

3.  E-commerce

If you want a website that involves sales and online purchasing then you need to create an e-commerce website. An e-commerce web design allows you to deal with technical parts of the website.

There are many different platforms that can help you to design an e-commerce website, such as Houston web Design Company.  An e-commerce website should be unique and look different from other sites on the internet. The website should be easy to understand and navigate.

The visitors should be able to get from one place to another easily. If you want a smooth, functioning e-commerce website, you should use a content management system. A CMS allows you more flexibility while designing and updating content.

In order to offer more functionality, the design should include a page editor and navigation bar. These two elements allow you to edit pages without breaking down the website.

Like all websites, an e-commerce website should also be simple and easy to navigate. It should be easy for the users to gain access to relevant information.

This type of web design is ideal for people low on a budget or those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on web design. An e-commerce website is easy to create, which is why any person or business can create a personal website.

In a nutshell

The above-mentioned three types of web designs are easily available in the market and offer their own characteristic features and benefits. Before you start creating a website, you need to decide the objective and goal of your website. Once you have the objective, goal and mission in mind, you can easily choose which type of web design is ideal for you.