How can you increase customer satisfaction during peak hours?

How can you increase customer satisfaction during peak hours?

Customer satisfaction is one of the deciding factors for your business. The more satisfied your customers are with your product or service, the more it will increase in popularity. In short, we can say that customers can make or break your business. So, it becomes very necessary to work on customer satisfaction. However, dealing with this is not an easy task. You need proper plan as well as implementation. In this article we will deal with 7 ways you can increase customer satisfaction during peak hours.

The employees who deal with customer service should be trained meticulously. They are the one dealing directly with the customers. The thing is that customers hate waiting for long hours. However, you cannot deal with this problem during peak hours. So, you need employees who have a calm composure and can deal with agitated customers in a cool way.

Having a good army is not all. You should have a flexible arsenal that would be able to provide you with the right weapon at the time of need.

1. Gain Insights

You have to understand your customer before they can understand themselves. Go deeper into your customer service insight. You should try to collect all the data and understand how your customers behave. You should have an idea about the most frequently asked questions. Understand when they were not satisfied and the reason behind it.

For example, customers hate waiting for long hours. Nearly 60% of the customers are of the opinion that they don’t like waiting in queue. This is a big issue. You should dig deeper and find out many similar issues that may plague your industry. Once you are fully acquainted with things like when, where, and why your customers are dissatisfied, you will be in a better position to manage it.

2.  Use multiple ways to handle customer queries

No matter how hard you try, customer’s expectations can never be fulfilled. They always demand more and more. Customers want convenience and they want their needs to be fulfilled now and right now. Offering channel as per their preference is a difficult task during rush hours. If you don’t do it, they will leave. This is where omnichannel model comes to rescue.

Using omnichannel model you can interact with your customers in real-time using email, chat, call, social media, etc. This improves customer interaction as well as customer satisfaction. When customers have option of multiple channels to put their grievance, you will be able to deal with it in a better manner.

3. Personalized interaction is the thing

During regular days companies try to provide personalized interaction to their customers. However, this cannot be done during rush hours. Customers love personalized treatments. They don’t know about the pressure the agents will face. Customers want to feel special, and it is the work of the companies to find out avenues to satiate this desire.

Your representative should work hard to provide personalized treatment to customers. Whether it is call, email, social media, or anything else, always address them with their name, know about their previous track record with the company, and try all tricks to make them feel good. With these simple tricks, soon you will see customer satisfaction rise.

4. Automation is the future

You should adopt technology to lighten up the workload on your customer service agents. This way you will get more done in less time. Not only that, it will also increase the customer satisfaction. Chatbots and IVRs are the thing of this decade. They have reduced wait time for customers. You can use chatbots to deal with the most basic questions from your customers. You can also find out most frequently asked questions and leverage it to chatbots. Moreover, these things can work day in and day out. They can serve customers without any break in between. Auto-response emails can also be used to save some time from your customer support agents.

5. Increase your staff during peak hours

You can outsource your work to get more staffs during peak hours. The service providers are experts in dealing with customers. Customer relationship life cycle should be taken care of. It is better if you can have more agents during peak hours to deal with more customer demands. This way you will be able to maintain a good reputation among customers. Their queries would be solved in no time and they will love it. Customer satisfaction is very important for customer retention. If you don’t have proper infrastructure for staffing up then you can outsource your work.

6. Try self-service

Self-serving by customers is another innovative way to reduce workload on your customer service agents. Nowadays most of the customers are educated about customer products and customer service. They would love to know what all you have to offer. During peak hours, you would like to allow these types of queries to be resolved by self-serving so that your agents can take up more important issues. You can set up tutorial tutorials, FAQ section or picture guide that can help customers.  You can leverage AI tools for this part.

7. Be there to solve problems of customers

Customers don’t want to be dogged but want resolutions to their problems. Your agents should be ready to listen to customers’ problems and provide solutions to them. You cannot just ignore them after listening to them. This creates a bad brand image and should be avoided in any cost. Train your workforce to deal with most complex issues with ease. Even during peak hours, they should strive to guide customers in the best possible way so that they are happy, and this will skyrocket your CSAT ratings.

To sum up

You need to understand customer relationship cycle. It will help you provide better services to your customers. The happier your customers are with your products or services, the more will be your sales. In short, your entire business depends on how satisfied your customers are with you.

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