How Do I Check Printer Ink Levels?

Sometimes, your computer screen displays alerts like ‘your cartridge is running low, ‘low cartridge’ or ‘empty cartridge’. These alerts are meant to check a printer’s ink levels. Whether ink cartridges are empty or your printer is not guiding you truly and showing wrong alerts, to find that, you need to check your printer ink levels.

Ways To Check Printer Ink Levels On Different Brands’ Printers

If your printer is producing faded prints, it might be running out of ink. Or probably, the ink has dried out or clogged the nozzle of the cartridge. In this case, you should replace the ink cartridges or refill the ink. Before this, you have to check first if the ink cartridges are running low or if there is another problem. Let’s learn certain ways to check printer ink levels on different printer brands!  

Checking Printer Ink Levels On Windows 

If you want to check your printer ink levels on all versions of Windows, follow the given steps.

  • Go to your computer screen, select the ‘Start’ menu and find ‘Search and Devices’.
  • Selecting ‘Search and Devices’ will take you to the ‘Printer’ settings.
  • Click on ‘Printer’ and the ink levels will be shown at the bottom of your screen.

Checking Ink Levels On Epson Printers

A CD that contains a printer driver comes with when you buy a new Epson printer. The same printer driver can be downloaded from online sources. When it is installed properly, go to the ‘Menu’, click on the ‘Start’ button, and then the ‘Printer’. It will lead to the ‘Maintenance’ tab and here, you will get access to Epson’s ‘Status Monitor Utility’ which will allow you to check ink levels. 

You can also know about other technical errors like a paper jam or ink cartridge damage. But if any of the ink cartridges is broken, the feature ‘Status Monitor Utility’ is unable to calculate the correct information of ink levels.

Checking Ink Levels On Hp Printers

Following are some ways to check ink levels on HP printers.

  • To know the easiest way to check ink levels on HP printers, go to your computer’s ‘Start’ menu and then the ‘Control Panel’. Then click on the ‘Printer’ menu. You will find an icon with any of the names, ‘Ink Drop, Ink Levels, Toner Level Indicator, etc’ depending upon HP printer models. And you quickly check the ink levels.
  • The other way to check ink levels on Windows PC, download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor, a tool that automatically identifies the errors and provides information regarding your printer. It also helps troubleshoot certain errors.
  • You can download an HP Smart App on your mobile or PC. This will tell you a printer’s ink levels on its home screen. 
  • If you want to check ink levels on your HP printer’s  MAC, click on ‘’System Preferences’’, then ‘‘Printers and Scanners’’, and then ‘’Options and Supplies’’. In this way, you will find information about your printer ink levels.

Checking Ink Levels On Lexmark Printers

Look at the steps below to check ink levels on Lexmark printers.

  • Open the computer’s screen.
  • Go to your Windows ‘Start’ menu.
  • Click on the ‘‘Control Panel’’.
  • Move to ‘‘Devices and Printers’’.
  • Double-click on the ‘Printer’ and then right-click on the ‘Properties’ section.
  • At last, press ‘Preferences’ and navigate to the ‘Toner Levels’ to check the cartridge’s quantity.

Besides, if you download and open Lexmark P910 Series Utility on your computer, you can check the status of your ink cartridges.

Checking Ink Levels On Canon Printers

If you have installed Canon IJ Status Monitor in Windows 10 or above:

  • Open the computer’s screen.
  • Go to your Windows ‘Start’ menu.
  • Click on the ‘‘Control Panel’’.
  • Go to ‘‘Settings’’ and open ‘’Devices’’.
  • Now pick the ‘Printer Model’’ and move to the ‘‘Preferences’’ tab by right-clicking.
  • And double click your mouse arrow on the ‘Maintenance’ tab and you will see the ‘View Printer Status’ tab.

After all, your Printer Status and ink levels will be in front of your eyes.

In the case of having a Brother printer, you can check the ink levels in two ways: checking on your printer’s screen and checking on your PC. In case of checking from your printer’s screen, tap the Ink or Ink Management icon which will lead you to the Ink Volume. 

In the other case, you would get access to Status Monitor Utility.  Go to your PC Windows Startup and jump to the Printer tab. When you double-click on it, this will take you to the Ink’s Color Levels.


Important Tips

After reading the information given above, hopefully, you can check printer ink levels in a few steps. But if you still face some issues, you can troubleshoot the problems by visiting the manufacturer’s website which will surely assist you with useful information.



Checking printer ink levels is very simple and it takes only a few steps. However, it varies from brand to brand as every brand delivers different procedures for checking a printer’s ink levels. Checking ink levels is more essential than replacing the ink cartridges or refilling because, sometimes, ink cartridges are not empty while your printer is unable to read the cartridges and shows wrong alerts of the empty or low cartridges. Consequently, you replace the cartridges earlier and assume that they are high-cost and less durable. Therefore it is crucial to be familiar with the ink volume of your cartridges over time so that you can make your printer cost-saving, speedy and error-free.   

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