How do I Fix Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10?

Facing Epson Printer Offline issue? Your Epson printer is most likely experiencing an offline error if it isn’t able to connect to your laptop or computer. Epson printers typically stop interacting with other devices when they go offline. Therefore, we are here for you to help you out in fixing this Epson printer goes offline issue through this blog. 

Why Epson Printer Keep Going Offline?

Some of the most frequent reasons for Epson printer inactivity include the following:

  • An offline message from your Epson printer indicates a connectivity issue between the printer and the computer.
  • Epson printers can’t connect to computers due to hardware or software issues.
  • Your printer may become unavailable if the “Spooler” service is sluggish or interrupted.
  • Epson printer may go offline if the wrong printer settings are used, including failing to choose it as the “Default Printer.”
  • Your printer can stop functioning if the driver is outdated.

How to Modify the Epson printer Offline status to Online in Windows 10?

Epson printer troubles with Windows 10 can be resolved in a number of ways. Depending on the root of the problem, you must make the correct decision. So let’s investigate each method to determine which is best for you.

Clear All ‘use Printer Offline’ Option 

You must first uncheck every use printer offline checkbox on your printer. The following ten methods will help you resolve the Epson printer appearing offline in Windows 10 problem.

  • Start your Epson printer again and give it some time to work.
  • Verify that your Epson printer is attached to a computer. Both the network connection and the printer’s power connection need to be checked.
  • Log in to the computer using your local account as the administrator.
  • Open the run dialogue box by clicking the start button, then type “control panel” into the run command box.
  • The device and printer option on your printer must now be clicked. On the screen, a printed list can be shown.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the Epson printer choice, then select “view what’s printed” from the menu that appears.
  • Now you need to select the printer option and uncheck the box next to the Epson printer’s use printer offline option.
  • Check the problem after completing the aforementioned steps. Windows 10 Epsonprinter not working.

 The Troubleshoot Spooler Service of Printer 

You can experience the Epson printer offline Windows 10 problem if your Spooler service has ceased functioning. The procedures to fix printer offline Windows 10 Epson issues are listed below.

  • Click the Start button and enter Run will prompt you to type “Services.msc” in the run command box. Select “OK” from the menu.
  • The help window will then appear. Go to the “Print Spooler” option after that and make sure its state is “Running.” In the unlikely event that the status is “Halted,” right-click “Print Spooler” and select “Begin” to carry on with the assistance.
  • You must now close the open window before checking to see if the Epson printer functions.

 We hope the suggestions above will enable you to resolve the Epson printer issue.

Clear All Print Jobs From the Queue

  • The first step is to click the Start button, open the run command box, and type services.msc. The service window will open when you click the ok button.
  • The spooler must now be worked with by moving your cursor over it, performing a right-click to view its properties, followed by clicks on the stop and finally the ok buttons.
  • Next, launch Windows File Explorer and type “%windir%%System32spoolPRINTERS” into the address bar.
  • Select and remove every file that appears in the Printer folder.
  • You must now access the spooler Properties, choose the Start button, and then press the Ok button.

You must now restart your computer to check whether the order print stop has been removed and your printer is operating as it should.


This blog has covered every issue that could cause your Epson printer to become “Offline.” Additionally, we have described how to fix these printer offline issues on Windows 10. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about your “Epson printer offline” problem. Get the solutions from above methods as given.