How do I start a premium Snapchat?

How do I start a premium Snapchat?

Okay, so we’ll start with a basic rundown of what Snapchat is, how it works, and how adult models use it to earn the kind of monthly money that would normally make you crap, if you saw it suddenly appear in your bank account one morning.

Yes, there is a TON of money to be made from this little app, and yes, it can make you lose control of your bowels when you see the numbers, but you need to know a few things first.

Snapchat is generally used for texting between friends and intimate partners, mainly because when you send someone a “snap,” the message/image/video disappears after it’s been viewed.

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So, for example, if you’re totally bombed out one night and decide to text your friend how much you’d like to ride The Night King from Game of Thrones while yelling “Whoa! And Daddyyy, that ice stick!!” The evidence will quickly disappear and you’ll most likely breathe a sigh of relief the next morning.”

It is mostly for this reason that Snapchat became very popular, a few years ago, with cam girls, adult models, and porn stars. Even though Snapchat’s official policy prohibits nudity and explicit content, the platform has practically become the social media headquarters for adult internet personalities.

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Snapchat is basically a massive social media home for perverts where doing anything pervy is against the rules. But you know what they say about rules…

Following a model on Snapchat became a cool thing, and now it’s monetized into a full-fledged industry because premium account subscriptions can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month. With dozens, or hundreds, of repeat subscribers each month, that can add up to a ridiculous income.

If you’re a cam girl or porn model, and you’re not on Snapchat right now, it’s like being a junkie and not burning up before sex, it’s just not done. Often a cam girl, for example, can double her monthly income simply by offering a premium Snapchat. Given the earning potential, Snapchat is not something any online adult model can ignore.

Before proceeding, you need to sign up for a streamer account on chaturbate. In a minute, I’ll let you in on a pretty safe way to drive premium Snapchat sales into orbit using Chaturbate!

Public Snapchat

The best way to promote your premium Snapchat is to use a free or “public” Snapchat account to first warm up your fans and prepare them to invest a few shekels to see your “deaky weird” explicit snaps. You see, selling anything requires you to build a bond of trust and respect, cultivate rapport, and overcome objections with your target audience.

Many of your fans will not be ready to buy from you on day one. They may think you’re hot, cool, or cool, but they may not be sure they want to spend your hard-earned money to watch you go to Funkytown on their phones.

That’s where public Snapchats save the day! With a public Snapchat account, you can gradually win over your audience and convince them to purchase premium access. The content is usually a mix of normal activities and sexy jokes. This is a devastatingly effective technique, and one that is only employed by the best webcam models and porn stars.

Marketing 101 dictates that gaining likeability, trust, and respect occurs as your audience becomes more and more familiar with you. Having a public Snapchat will allow you to be in the face of your fans on a regular basis. You will have the ability to win them over, day by day, while talking about your routine activities. Going to the gym, or the Starbucks, or the weed dispensary (Wow!) can be converted and converted into content for your public account… and almost effortlessly.

This repeated exposure to you, your life, and your mundane adventures in the world will allow you to grow in your audience. Very soon, they will come to see you as someone they care about, as a friend. Once that relationship has been established between you and your followers, there is a lot of money to be made. People easily buy from friends, but rarely from strangers (remember it’s the key to selling anything).

So clearly, having a public Snapchat will do wonders for your premium sales, but how do you build the number of followers for your public account?

Well, one method is to “take over” large Snapchat accounts (like PornHub or Redtube), but it can be hard to get accepted by them. Snapchat accounts can be deleted if models go too far in provoking viewers during their takeover, so it should generally be a well-regarded model with a good rep that can be trusted.

Another method is to go “scream for scream” with other models, where they basically promote your public account on their Snapchat in exchange for you giving them a shout out on yours. This is a solid method that can work, but it usually takes a long time to produce a significant following.

The best method by far is to simply become a model on Chaturbate and aggressively promote your public Snapchat in your chat room. Why do you chaturbate? Because it’s the biggest cam site in terms of traffic, and you’re more likely to get a ton of eyeballs there than anywhere else. Even if you’re new, you could get dozens or hundreds of new followers on your free Camera Snap session.

The beauty of this method is that Chatterbot viewers absolutely LOVE free public Snapchats. They eat them. Just post the account name in your room theme and bring it up often, making sure to mention how special and special your public Snapchat is. You could literally have THOUSANDS of followers in a month.

Snapchat premium

So now that we’ve covered public Snapchats, let me explain how to set up your premium Snapchat account. This is the account you’ll use to post all of your weirdest content. Your nudity, your twerking, your toy play, any b/g or g/g show, you name it. Whatever you feel comfortable with, you can include it in your premium account.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, explicit nudity and mischief are not only frowned upon by Snapchat, they’re actually not even allowed on their terms. This doesn’t stop anyone from doing it, of course, but you’ll need to be aware of the special issues this problem causes.

On the one hand, it means that from time to time your premium account can be blocked. Now, this is not a hindrance as you can easily create another account and continue, but it does cause the inconvenience of having to inform all your subscribers about the account change.

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