How Do You Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO?

Do you want to know what content type attracts your audience? Is your website appealing to them? Or do you need to look into SEO-related issues to usher in more audience towards your website? While you can personally look into this matter, you can alternatively take help from reputed SEO services in Oklahoma City to do the needful. 

The best way for improving SEO is to make full and proper use of Google Search Console, also called GSC. This powerful SEO tool is available for free, and can effectively help in improving your site’s online presence. However, because of the overall complexity and non-intuitive interface of GSC, most marketers tend to overlook its importance. But don’t make that an excuse to stay behind competitors by not enhancing your company’s online visibility. 

Understanding GSC

Google Webmaster Tools is now referred to as Google Search Console, and this service is offered free of cost by Google so that you can monitor your site’s overall appearance and make changes to fix one or more technical errors in your site. You can use GSC to solve issues related to page performance, check your backlinks, and submit sitemaps so that they can be easily found during a Google search. 

GSC provides the necessary data for monitoring website performance at the time of the search, which in turn, improves a website’s search rankings. Such information can only be found through GSC, making this tool indispensable for you if you want your online business to grow. However, if you are still unsure of how to use this tool for bettering the marketing of your company online, it is best you look for service providers who cater to efficient SEO marketing in Oklahoma City.

Accessing GSC

Want to try GSC on your own? The first thing you must do is access Google Search Console, for which you have to:

  • First, sign into the account you have on Google
  • Next, go to and open Google Search Console
  • Now, you have to add your company’s website in the form of a GSC property by selecting one of the multiple ways provided as an option
  • Next, have your account verified with the help of an HTML tag, HTML file, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics

Finally, you are ready to start using GSC for finding out what’s wrong or missing in your site and making changes accordingly.

How You Should Use GSC to Improve Your Site’s SEO

You can regularly use GSC as part of your strategy for digital marketing. Google continually offers new and improved ideas like improving dashboard features and providing data on search engine performance through GSC. Here are some effective ways in which you can use GSC for improving your site’s SEO rankings:

  • Submitting removals, sitemaps, and disavow files
  • Tracking average position, impressions, rankings, Click-through rates, and organic traffic
  • Identifying and troubleshooting Core Web Vitals, page experience, or even issues related to mobile usability
  • Understanding index coverage so that you can confirm proper indexing of Google Crawlers on web pages
  • Checking manual actions or security issues identified by Google
  • Analyzing important backlinks data such as internal links, total external links, topmost linking sites, anchor text distribution, and topmost linked pages
  • Confirming that Google can see markup in order for web pages to make appearance during rich results

Now that you know how to get about with GSC for upping your site’s online presence, start working on it right away. However, if you are not confident of getting desired results you can always resort to a well-reputed Oklahoma City SEO company to do the needful for you. 


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