How Does the Light Packaging Trend Challenge Bottle Blow Molders?

Less is more – This is always the myth for constructing an environmental society. This trend has engulfed every corner of each industry, and the beverage industry is certainly not excluded. Nowadays, environmental protectors turn their sights on bottles of drinks and urge the suppliers to cut the waste on beverage packages. Some enterprises such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé take their appeals seriously and try their best to launch light packaging products, resulting in reform on the appearance of bottles blown by the bottle blow molders

But you may wonder why a light packaging trend is to do with the blowing machine – and that is what this article is going to illustrate. Read on to find the answer!

New Trend: More Recycle-Friendly Package

So, the first thing about this trend that you need to know is: what have the beverage suppliers done to reduce the waste of packages? The revealed answer shows that they grab the thorns from two major components of the bottle: labels and bottle shapes.

  • Shrink the Size of Labels

One fact is for sure: the labels are not made of the same material as the bottle body: the labels are usually made of PVC/PP/OPS, while the bottle’s body is usually made of PET. The mixture of the two types of materials will raise the toughness of recycling the bottles.

Considering to pave a smoother road for recycling the whole bottles, Nestlé decreases the size of the labels on the bottle to 35%, saving 30-thousand-ton plastic and 4500-ton paper every year.

  • Remove the Labels

Some suppliers even give up labeling the bottles to ease the recycling process of the bottles, including Nestlé, LOHAS, Evian, and MasterKong. These pioneers directly produce label-free products, print the specifications on the box of each term of the drinks, and sell them in boxes. 

  • Adopt Universal Bottles

A reusable plastic bottle is also a new and more effective way to cut packaging costs, especially for suppliers with multi-production lines. This concept is raised by Coca-Cola Brazil, which applies the universal packaging bottles for different core brands, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. The consumers are encouraged to return the empty bottles after enjoying the drinks, and the PET bottles can get back to the market after cleaning, disinfecting, relabeling, and refilling. Using reusable bottles can avoid plastic degradation and improve recycling effectiveness.

While admiring how creative these concepts are, there still remains a question to be solved: how do consumers recognize the brand from no-label drinks? 


Bottle Blow Molders Helps Build Your Brand Image

Without using labels to display the information about the bottle of liquid, beverage manufacturers need a well-designed bottle to indicate the brand and functions of the products, which really challenges the bottle blow molders. 

Coca-Cola has brought forward the standard answer: it designed a Contour Label-Free bottle to set itself apart from the other products. This unique-design bottle is blown with an embossed logo to “let you know it is Coca-Cola even only by touching”. With the outstanding mold design, the bottle blow molders endow the Contour bottle with curved lines of the bottle shape and embossed logo, letting people get the idea of what this liquid is and which brand it is. The bottle blow molders give Coca-Cola the possibility of achieving all the features with environmental packaging, less cost, and a stronger brand effect. However, this is not the end of its beneficial list.


Enjoy More Benefits from Ungraded Bottle Blow Molders

An upgraded bottle blow molder provides more than the above advantages. Take Tech-Long’s 6th bottle blow molder as an example – this blowing machine stands out for the following environmental-friendly features:

  • High Speed

Time is money – that is the truth for all manufacturers. This is not only reflecting on the high production but also on less production time, saving the energy of lighting and running the machines. The Tech-Long 6th bottle blow molder can produce 52800 bottles per hour, making it a super-efficient machine.

  • Stability

A stable bottle blow molder means fewer defective products, cutting the material waste. Considering that processing packaging materials and producing liquid products consume a certain number of resources, you are in need of a smoothly working bottle blow molder like the 6th bottle blow molder, whose components have been upgraded to achieve uninterrupted production.

  • Significant Energy Conservation

Lower energy consumption is the most direct method to save resources. The Tech-Long 6th bottle blow molder adopts advanced energy-saving technologies and creates an amazing 30-40% reduction in energy cost, contributing a lot to green production.

Wrapping up

Light packaging is one of the inevitable future trends for environmental packaging. However, only simplifying the appearance cannot satisfy the need of leaving a deep impression and building a brand image. In this case, Tech-Long provides you with an accessible solution – get a flexible bottle blow molder to blow well-designed bottles!

Tech-Long is an outstanding enterprise in the field of beverage packaging machinery. With its rich experience in blowing, filling, packing machines, it keeps launching more efficient solutions for you to upgrade your packaging process. If you have any problems with bottle blow molders, feel free to contact our technical team, and we will solve them in no time!

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