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How Does Torrent Work : Everything About Torrent

How Does Torrent Work

Hey fellas! Welcome to . It has been long since we have posted our last article so, we want to apologize for that. In this article, we are going to discuss on the topic: How does torrent work? Interesting, isn’t it?

We all know that while torrenting anything we need something called a torrent client which basically is an application like bittorrent or utorrent, and a torrent file or a magnet link to the torrent we download. But to understand how does torrent work, we need to understand what is torrent.

What is torrent?

Torrent is an internet protocol that allows file sharing between two or more computer without involvement of a massive server. It allows the transfer of large files between computers by making an interconnection of many normal computers. With this definition lets move on to our main topic as well as some of the major questions about torrent.

how does torrent work

How does torrent work?

The working mechanism of torrent is not that difficult. At first, there is a single computer where the data is located called seed. Any other computer which has the torrent file linking to the data in the seed i.e the first computer can download the data. While the second computer downloads the data, it can also upload the part that it has already downloaded. When the download is complete, the downloader also can become the seeder. So, as the downloaders increase, the number of seeder will increase and so will the speed of download for future downloaders.

If you have used torrent, then you may know the terms seeder and leecher. As explained earlier, seeder is a computer that has the file downloaded or already present in it and is actively uploading the file for others to download. Whereas leechers are the computers that have downloaded the file but not uploading it.

Is torrent a fast way to download files?

Well, if there are good number of seeders in a torrent file , then it will download quite fast after taking some time to initialize. However, if there are less seeders your download will take quite a while.

So, next time you download anything via torrent make sure to check number of seeders so that you can get your file downloaded in a zippy.

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Is torrent illegal?

This is one of the most asked questions about torrent. And here is the answer: No, torrent is not illegal at all. But downloading and uploading of copyrighted materials such as games, movies, etc. through torrent is illegal. An example of legal torrent is torrent of Kali Linux. Kali Linux is a Linux distro used for hacking and penetration testing. In Kali’s official website, you will find an option to download it using torrent.

Are torrent files infected with malware?

It depends on what you are downloading and from which source you are downloading. If you are downloading cracked software or games there may be a high chance of downloading malware along with the content you’re downloading. Many of those pirated software are infected with trozan or malwares that mine crypto-currency using your device. Downloading music and video files is safe.

So, this is it about torrents. If you have any queries or suggestions please leave a comment. And if you like our contents, make sure to like our facebook page.

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