How Installing a Recharge App is Helpful

Installing a Recharge App

Gone are the days when prepaid customers had to solely depend on the neighbourhood stores for getting a prepaid recharge. With the option of using a recharge app can help the customers big-time in getting their account recharged anywhere. All they need is an active internet connection and the relevant recharge app installed on their smartphones. The telecom companies have been adding additional services and options to their recharge apps to make them more versatile, robust, and secure. There are various advantages to using a recharge app. Here we have tried to outline some of the points on how installing and using a recharge app can help you.

  • Recharge from anywhere – The flexibility to recharge from anywhere, anytime is one of the biggest conveniences of modern times. The technology integrated into the recharge app is simple and easy to use which makes it great for the usage of prepaid customers.
  • Browse the recharge plans – The recharge app gives easy visibility to the prepaid recharge plans which are available to the customers. They can easily browse through the various packages and get the benefits included in the plan. The customers can then compare the plans and see which one meets their needs within their budget.
  • Secure online payment – The recharge apps allow for secure online payment which is convenient, especially if you do not have enough cash with you. The online payment can be done using popular options such as debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI. The security features of the Airtel Thanks App for example provide safe and secure payments with best in the industry encryption.
  • Recharge for others – You can also use some of the premium recharge apps to carry out a recharge for others. Some of the network providers such as Airtel also give their customers cashback and other benefits of doing recharge for others. In the times of COVID-19 where a lot of prepaid customers can’t leave their home, this is a very useful feature of the Airtel Thanks app that the Airtel customers can use.
  • Account information – You can use the recharge apps such as the Airtel Thanks App to look up your account and usage information anytime. You can check your talk time, data, and SMS balance anytime. You can also get information on your recharge history and get reminders to recharge when your current pack is expiring.
  • Rewards – Premium recharge apps such as the Airtel Thanks App also provide special rewards on recharges such as subscriptions to popular service. Based on your recharge amount the Airtel Thanks rewards such as Wynk Music App subscription, Airtel Xstream app subscription, Hellotunes, and Shaw Academy subscription can be earned by the customers.

The recharge apps are very helpful to the prepaid customers who get a lot of value, flexibility, and security on their monthly recharges. The Airtel Thanks App can easily be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play store. The customers can log in to these using just their phone number and OTP.

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