How Long Does It Take To Get Salesforce Administrator Certification?

Do you have a strong desire to learn more about Salesforce? Or are you ready to enter into Software jobs with big MNC companies like Accenture, Deloitte, Infosys, and TCS? But don’t know how to proceed further?  If that’s the case, Salesforce is your best bet.

But, are you confused about how long does it take to get Salesforce certified? It depends! And there is obviously more than just getting certified to start your career in Salesforce.

Since many businesses are migrating to the Salesforce platform, the  Salesforce developers and administrators are now in higher demand. Hence, this is ideally the right time to upskill or enroll for Salesforce certifications.

What are the Requirements for Starting a Salesforce Career?

Salesforce can be learned by individuals from different sectors, provided they have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for working with Salesforce. The administrator role doesn’t require much technical expertise since anyone can take it up.

Yes, you heard it right. So, if you are a beginner, without any doubt, I would suggest you start by clearing the Salesforce Admin certification exam. And it needs proper planning and preparation. You don’t need to confuse yourself with the multitude of resources and exam guides that aid your exam preparation. Instead, choose the right Salesforce Admin Exam Guide to get all the required details.

Technical skills and some prior coding experience are required for development roles. Knowing Java is an advantage since the coding language in Salesforce is loosely based on it. You’ll also need to know MySQL and need to work on Visualforce, which is primarily based on HTML and CSS, in addition to Apex.

Keeping that aside, how do you think you will begin with the process?

So, how long does it take to become certified in Salesforce?

As suggested, the duration of the course completion and certification totally depends upon the people who are taking it up and how hard they work towards their goal. Apart from proper planning and hard work, there are plenty of online platforms that aid you to fulfill your dream of attaining certification.

If you’re serious about Salesforce, there are a few more steps you should take. Let’s check it out.

Get the Playground Account in Trailhead

Sign up for a Salesforce playground account through Trailhead, which is provided exclusively by Salesforce, as the first step toward your own Salesforce Career. You will be able to utilise Salesforce with the most up-to-date features with this account. You can also use this account to comprehend and learn how to use each feature. The process of creating an account is completely free and takes only a few minutes.

Trailhead is a gamified site with modules to learn from, hands-on experience, projects to construct, and badges to win along the way. You also get exposure to real-life simulated scenarios where a business use case is presented to you, and you work on the solution and attain Superbadges. Completing a Superbadge enhances your confidence, which will help you perform better on your Certification exam.

Find out the best resource available online.

After you’ve set up your account, you can begin exploring the best resource for learning how to use all of Salesforce’s features and functionalities.  Cert prep training systems such as saasguru can guide you in the proper route with the right features.

Saasguru is a Sydney-based ed-tech platform specialising in Salesforce certification prep. They are trusted by thousands of users from across the world.  saasguru combines deep technology with one-on-one mentorship from seasoned gurus to give the aspirants an unrivalled learning experience and success rate.

Build a strong network

Making a strong network is one of the most critical things you can do to advance your Salesforce career faster and more effectively. Sign up with saasguru and join their Slack community to expand your network. Learning alongside others is the most effective way to learn. Make sure you have a broader goal in mind than just passing the Salesforce Certifications.

In other words, the primary goal of improving Salesforce expertise should be to acquire a good job. You must begin engaging with people and letting them know that you intend to advance your Salesforce career.

Clear your Salesforce Certifications

Clearing Salesforce Certification comes next. It validates a user’s Salesforce competence in a given field. Though learning Salesforce may be time-consuming, studying from the appropriate source will develop a greater interest in the platform. Sign up with saasguru for the training modules that are designed exclusively to help you achieve your certification in as little as two weeks.

When used correctly, Salesforce is a cutting-edge product that can be highly effective. That’s why it’s vital to find effective and dependable ways to learn Salesforce, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your knowledge. Many people’s biggest issue is that so many Salesforce training options are available that they don’t know where to begin. You must ensure that the Certification centre you choose is the best choice for you.

Get Ready to Flourish with a Salesforce Certificate.

To start with a Salesforce career isn’t difficult. You need to get certified and enroll as a Salesforce certified professional. But it takes time to indulge completely in Salesforce. That needs passion and perseverance.

Salesforce has developed to the point that the organisations are looking for experienced people with proven platform knowledge and hands-on experience. However, by taking the necessary measures to learn and network, you can find your Salesforce dream job.




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