How Modern Technologies Changes Our Lives


Since the invention of modern technology, it has completely changed our daily lives and our world. Technology has made it possible for us to access essential resources, tools, and information at the snap of our fingers. It’s hard to imagine how our lives would be like without modern technology.

Now we can use multifunctional devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. We now have computers with incredible powers than before that are yet portable and incredibly fast. There are so many more and so many aspects that we can say that modern technology has made our lives better, more comfortable, and more fun. It also offers budding entrepreneurs a chance to build their business with a case study of Case Escape that allows people to start their phone case business.

However, it’s not all good. There are also disadvantages to the use of technology. As much as it has numerous advantages, it also has multiple disadvantages that we can’t ignore that are also changing our lives. There’s both good and bad to it, and some of it is mentioned in the article below.

Positive Impacts Of Modern Technology In Our Lives

There are many areas of our lives where technology has played a crucial role in transforming and making things easier. Some of these are:


A significant positive of modern technology is in the mechanization of agriculture. With the introduction and growth of mechanization in agriculture, there have been radical changes to the ancient agricultural practices. This has made it easier to get agricultural works done as it replaces manual labor and work animals. This automation or mechanization of agricultural processes means that there are more food resources, even with less labor, because of increased efficiency.


There was a time when the means of transportation from one place to the other was by walking, then came the use of animals, carts, etc. with modern technologies, we have cars, bikes, speed boats, airplanes, trains, etc. and this has made it easier to get to our destinations faster and with much ease. Now there are ridesharing services like Uber, which serve us effectively, thanks to modern technology. Learn Software developers program.

Education and learning

Modern technology has completely changed the educational process. Beyond the four walls of the classroom, students now have different platforms that they can use to learn remotely. This includes the use of Google search engine, YouTube videos, etc. to provide inkbot design for curious learners.

Learning has also become significantly diversified thanks to modern technology. It is now easier to acquire skills such as coding online. Something impossible to achieve a few decades ago. This is not to mention that some of these skills are easier than they were decades ago as technology has allowed us to improve and be more efficient with them.

There’s also the possibility of getting degrees online through e-learning, getting online materials, online classes, and doing everything online.


Communication is perhaps one area where we have the commonest impact. With modern technology, it is way easier and much faster to communicate with people irrespective of where they are anywhere in the world. Now we can get our messages delivered and communicate with each other within seconds using mobile phone calls, text messaging, emails, and social media. Now, there is an increasing possibility of traveling worldwide while staying connected to the ones you love.

Negative impacts of modern technology on our lives

With all of the new possibilities that we now have due to modern technology, it would have been nice not to point out some of the vices that are there to it. But there are and has to be pointed out; a major one is social media use.

While social media has made the world more accessible and increased relationships, it also has many evils, pointed out by the documentary “the social dilemma.”

We have always known about social media’s addictiveness and its impact on the user’s mental health, especially to the teenagers and youth populations. But just how bad this is, is something that we didn’t know. But according to Jeff Orlowski’s documentary, the addictiveness and perniciousness of social media isn’t a bug or an aftermath consequence of using it but a feature of these networks. The push notifications and the infinite scrolling keep the users continuously engaged. The personalized recommendations that users get to make use of data to predict our actions and influence them. And this has turned social media users into an easy target and prey for propagandists and advertisers.

These social media companies have been able to control the human psychology and use it for their personal profits through data mining and surveillance capitalism. These social platforms designed to be addictive now impact mental health, are used in politics and spread conspiracy theories.


Modern technologies have many positive impacts, but it has not come with their own bad ones as well. If the “Social Dilemma” documentary is anything to go by, then there’s much to do to revert these social media negatives.


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