How PPC Model Works With Efficient Result

PPC or pay per click has been an important marketing strategy for digital marketing professionals for a few years now. When COVID-19 began spreading last year, marketers got panic to figure out how to respond. Around 80% of the large advertisers decided to cut down their budget and save money for uncertain times. However, the smart advertisers realized the importance of investing more in advertising during those rough times, which saved their brands from devastation and provided them with good dividends.

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Thus, the tumult of the 2020 pandemic was a hidden blessing for the smart PPC advertisers who adapted quickly to the new normal in the way the audience use search for commerce. If you also want to take your PPC game to the next level with the most efficient results, you need to be on top of the latest trends. Not sure where to start? Read on to know how to make your PPC model work in coming years.


Ways To Make Your PPC Model Work

Below are the best ways you need to consider this year to win the PPC game-


Embrace PPC Automation

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the laborious tasks related to paid advertising is the biggest trend in 2021 to focus on. While PPC automation isn’t a new thing, it will play a more crucial role this year. With automation, you can-

  • Set the right bids to get more conversions at a specific target CPA.
  • Pause the low-performing Ads and optimize the best-performing ones.
  • Increase the CPC amount as or when needed.
  • Track the performance issues.
  • Create Ads dynamically based on the users’ searches and your website content, and more!


Bid Smartly

Smart bidding is a part of an automated bidding strategy that uses AI and machine learning to enhance your Ads based on your goals. All you have to do is to tell Google your advertising goals, and it will find out how to get it done within your fixed budget.


Whether your goal is to boost ROAS or maximize conversions, smart bidding will help you optimize your Ads for that. Thus, Ad optimization will no more be a challenge for you in 2021!


Convey The Perfect Ad Message

Another important thing to master your PPC Ad campaign in 2021 is to articulate your message right. Understand who your customers are as a person. If you successfully target the right people at the right time and the right place, but with an irrelevant message, you lose an opportunity to convert.


Focus on driving an emotional connection with creativity. Practice writing unique and engaging Ad copies that grab the attention of the users. Develop new skills around creative writing, Ad testing, or Ad planning to make your PPC model work.


Diversification Is Important

When it comes to paid advertising, Google and Facebook dominate the industry. However, customers are increasingly spending more time on specific niche platforms. For example, professionals interact more on LinkedIn, while shoppers spend more time browsing on Amazon.


Furthermore, with Google moving away from actionable data, advertisers should diversify the Ads to other platforms to have better control over spending and reach. Thus, you should consider alternative PPC platforms in 2021, like LinkedIn, Amazon, Bing, Microsoft, etc., to get efficient results from your PPC model.


Your Keyword List Is Important:

If you are already using keywords in your ad, it’s time to expand it! Try adding adverbs, adjectives, or long-tail keywords. Do check your competitor’s keywords to know which of their content is ranking and then target them. You should also keep a check on the keywords that are not performing well. Poor performance could be because of the usage of a low bid or low search volume keywords. Another reason for poor performing keywords could be that the keywords are too restrictive to get enough clicks.


Optimize The Ads For Better Mobile Experience

If you want to boost your brand in Pandemic, it is mandatory to have an easily accessible site. While mobile or smartphone has become an inevitable part of our lives, many brands still don’t a website that offers a good mobile experience. If they do, they procrastinate visiting their site on the mobile device.


If you are also among those marketers, it’s time to optimize your website for a better mobile experience. While desktop usage has increased during the quarantine period, it is necessary to ensure that all your landing pages and Ads are well-optimized for both desktop and mobile.


Don’t Forget Geo Targeting:

When managing the ad, don’t forget to focus on different geographic locations where you want to sell your services. The best way to find the location which location you should target is by using geotargeting. If you are using Google Ads, get into the ‘Location and Distance reports’ to check your ad’s performance.  This way, you can set a specific location for your ad and reduce the campaign cost.



The most successful PPC model is the one that isn’t simply set up and forgotten. You need to test, analyze and optimize the campaigns regularly to get efficient results. If you want to make your PPC model a hit in 2021, leverage the latest trends in the PPC arena. Marketers employing AI, smart bidding, and optimizing their Ads for all devices will likely see better results from their campaign this year. There are a lot more things to discover; however, the ones mentioned above will give you a good start to direct your campaign towards success.


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