How SEO Is Changing After The Most Recent Google Update

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Google has quite a long history of its famous algorithm updates, search index changes, and refreshes. To be very frank Google keeps on updating all the time. But those updates are minor ones. But twice or even thrice in every year, google launches the major updates also known as core update.

Thus it is evident that after every core update, website owners have to change their SEO strategies.

Because you never know what the next update is coming about. The most recent core update of google was in May 2020. Before that, in the year 2020, there was another core update in January.

So as of now, there are slight changes in the SEO strategies. This gives rise to the question that how SEO is changing after the most recent Google update. Well, let’s check out how.


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How SEO Is Changing After The Most Recent Google Update


Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan Announced it via twitter that google will be rolling out its new broad core algorithm update. Then after about 90 minutes, he retweeted that the update will be coming in about 1-2 hours and will be rolling out for the next 1-2 weeks.

If you will mark his words, then let me tell you that it is the longest implementing update by Google which took nearly 2 weeks to roll out completely. So no wonder, it was a big reason for all the website owners to worry about.

But so kind of google that they don’t only share the update. But they also depicted that if you see a decline in your search ranking, there is nothing to fix about it on your website.


Google reiterated there is often nothing to fix about this recent google core algorithm update. “We know those with sites that experience drop will be looking for a fix and we want to ensure they don’t try to fix the wrong thing”. Moreover, they also added that there is nothing to fix at all.

They said there is nothing wrong with the pages that may perform less well in the recent algorithm update. So what is actually changed? What new you have to do to get your website back on top?

Basically what Google is actually giving priority to is the content.


As they indicated in their example of movie rating. All they are trying to say is that content is what actually matters. The better content you have the better you will be in the search results.

So, if you are really looking for the answer to how SEO is changing after the most recent Google update, then let me tell you that you have to take a look back towards your on-page SEO and the content quality as well. Thus after taking a look at that, you will have your answer that what is your strength or your weakness to save your website from downfall in the future.

Because as it is always depicted by Google, that content is the king. This most recent core algorithm update tells the same story.


So now as you know what is really changed, it is the time for you to change your website according to the update. Because if your website has poor content quality then let me tell you that you have to improve it to achieve the desired results.

Because when it is about Google, quality matters a lot. This is all from our side about how SEO is changing after the most recent Google update. Now it is time for you to go with the flow and make necessary changes on your website.


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