How Strong Is Bondic Glue?

Have you ever used superglue and experienced fingers sticking together and can’t be peeled off? Also, even though I rarely use superglue, if I try to use it after a while, it will harden, so are you tired of always throwing it away?

Bondic, a liquid plastic adhesive that hardens with ultraviolet rays, solves such problems. A convenient DIY item that can be used for various materials and applications, unlike conventional adhesives. Let’s see how strong is bondic glue?

How strong is bondic glue?Bondic Glue

Bondic was developed by a dentist, taking inspiration from the latest treatment method, “direct bonding” for teeth. It is a liquid plastic that hardens with a new generation of ultraviolet rays. Bond strongly in just 4 seconds when exposed to the attached dedicated UV LED light. The created bond is stronger and more durable than super glue.

Bondic glue can be used for various materials such as plastic, metal, wood, stone, brick, glass, and ceramic and has waterproof and heat-resistant effects. It uses a solidified liquid plastic that can be used for glueing and repairing defects. For example, you can apply and repair the part where the charging cable is torn and the wire is exposed. Check out the bondic guide to know more about UV glue.

How to use Bondic

It’s straightforward to use. You can glue, repair, restore and process according to the following steps.

  • First, clean the adhesive surface so that there is no dirt, such as oil on it. Roughening the surface will bond better, so sand the bonded surface to roughen the surface.
  • Then apply Bondic to the part you want to join. It will not harden unless it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. So, be sure to secure a part that is exposed to UV light.
  • Apply the UV LED light included in the Bondic kit for 4 seconds to harden the liquid plastic. If necessary, apply several layers. Cure Bondic with UV LED light each time you apply.

The surface can be crushed, cut, polished and painted, and the hardened surface can be over coated at any time.

Don’t throw away valuable items anymore!

It sounds like a dramatic scene in the movie, but now you can turn back time with the Bondic. You don’t have to glue things back. This plastic welder allows you to fix things without using glue. Simply apply the Bondic glue to the contact surface and expose it to the UV light.

This excellent product is very effective for products made of plastic, fiberglass or wood or metal. It’s also good to simply fill in the gaps. The Bondic technique allows layers of plastic to be stacked on top of each other to fill gaps between different materials.

Bondic is different from general glue

Superglue is so fast that it hardens, so you have to work quickly. There are many problems such as fingers sticking to each other and desks and clothes not peeling off. Bondic glue does not harden unless exposed to UV light, so you can work carefully without rushing. Also, even if it sticks to your hands, you can easily wash it off, and you can easily wipe off your desk with a wet cloth.

Since super glue hardens and becomes unusable after opening, it is often wasted because it becomes unusable even though it is used only in a small amount. Bondic is an UV based curable adhesive, so it won’t harden over time and can be stored for a long time. Also, unlike glue guns, the Bondic kit doesn’t need to be connected to a power source. You don’t have to wait for it to cool down, so it’s easy to use.

Various uses with safety

Traditional glues fit the broken parts together and glue them together to restore them to their original state. Bondic has an advanced glue formula, but it is different from adhesives. Since it is a liquid plastic, you can join the broken parts, repair the missing parts, and apply bondic to duplicate the missing parts. Bondic is useful in various situations such as repairing torn cable cords, molding chipped plastic parts, filling holes in leaking pipes, repairing accessories, DIY and crafting. It can also be polished, drilled, painted, etc., after restoration.

It does not contain harmful substances and you do not have to worry about burns like glue guns, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, liquid plastic does not harden unless exposed to ultraviolet rays. So, even if you apply it in the wrong place or spill it, you can easily wipe it off with a wet cloth.

What includes in the Bondic kitBondic Glue

The Bondic kit contains a pen-shaped body and storage case that consists of two parts: an adhesive cartridge and a dedicated UV light. The length of the main body is 130 mm, which is compact and easy to hold. The black part is the adhesive cartridge, and when you press it, the liquid plastic will come out. Bondic refill cartridges are replaceable.

The orange part is a battery-powered UV LED light. The battery can be used for a total of about 8 hours, assuming that the light is applied for 4 seconds per use. Bondic adhesive cures when exposed to UV light, so store it in a case when not in use and store it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Final thoughts,

Bondic cures when exposed to UV light and do not stick to your hands or become unusable over time, unlike traditional glues. How strong is bondic glue? It is a stronger and convenient DIY item that everyone must need. Because it can be used not only for adhesion but also for various scenes such as restoration, molding, processing and painting.

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