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How Technology Is Taking Dating And Relationship To The Next Level

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Dating websites, apps, and chatrooms have made it possible to meet people in different countries. There are numerous instances of love happening and even resulting in marriages because of technological advancements. Read more. 


In the last few years technology, social media and the internet have changed the way we lead our lives. From health to shopping to communications, we can see the impact of technology all around us. 

One area, where technology, digital platforms, and smartphones have made their presence palpable is in the field of love, dating, and relationships. 

From casual flirting online to unhealthy stalking of tinder profile, we have come a long way from writing letters and expressing love to our loved ones. In this article, we are going to look at how the internet, dating apps, and smartphones have changed the way we love!

How Dating Behaviours and Patterns have changed

In this section, we are going to look at a few points, and discuss the changes in relationships, which have taken place. 

  1. Increase in Geographical Areas- 

Technology has made it possible for people to live out their fantasies in the real world. For example, if you always liked hot Chinese women, you can go online, download an app, and start talking and knowing more about them. Many specialized dating start-ups are instrumental in making people meet, explore, and fall in love with each other. 

  1. Freedom to Love anyone- 

We all know how the LGBTQ community found it very difficult to meet fellow members. They would have to go to secret bars and house parties. However, technology and platforms have made it possible for them to meet like-minded people of the same orientation. In many ways, technology has acted as an emancipatory force for the LGBTQ community. 

  1. Borderless Dating and Relationship- 

Twenty years back it was tough to meet people who were in different countries. If you fancied someone from a different ethnic, racial, or cultural background, you could not have an avenue to interact with them. With technology and social media, an American can date an Indian or anyone he or she likes or fancies. Digital makes it happen

  1. Exploration and Discovery- 

Meeting, knowing about someone in detail, holding on to preconceptions acted as barriers to dating and relationships. Technology has enabled people to know more about someone even before making the first move. Social media profiles can show a lot about someone. If you want to know how to tell if a chinese woman likes you, you can simply Google it and find out. 

  1. A truly Globalised and Integrated Society- 

Studies have shown that children born out of interracial couples or different ethnicities are smarter, intelligent, and have greater affinity and respect for humanity. It also encourages integrated communities and leads to an advancement of the relationship between countries. What follows is better commercial, political and diplomatic relationships. 

What does the future hold for Tech Advancements in Dating?

Whenever there is talk about social media, tech, or digital in the world of dating and relationships, there is a certain section that criticizes the same. They make statements like, ‘there is no face-to-face interactions’, or, ‘everything is so impersonal’, etc. 

However, the truth is, technology has made lives easier for everyone to find their soulmates. Rather than making things difficult, technology can help you build trust and commitment. Talking to you loves one on messenger or chats, having screen time with them, on a daily basis can strengthen your relationship. 

Yes, there might be small roadblocks. But, if you are being honest, truthful, and staying loyal, you will always find technology to be useful for your relationship. People who lie, cheat, and are dishonest to their partners can get caught because of technology. 

The Final Word

In this article, we have tried to discuss how technology, the internet, digital platforms, and smartphones are helping the dating and relationship scene. Are you someone who also met the love of their life by taking help from technology? Share your awesome story and let us know in the comments section below.