How the Intrusion Prevention System protects from hacker and attacker?

The use of mobile technologies and internet connectivity has been on the rise and the number of computer devices that is been used with the public network has rapidly increased. Hence, attack on private information and confidential data by cyber theft has also been on the rise and that is why there is an actual need to put more security in place to protect people’s private information. And that is where the intrusion prevention system comes in, it was developed to provide individuals with an advanced protection method, one that is more reliable and has a lot to offer more than the widely used firewall.

Intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a software that is able to quickly detect any threats or attack with ease. It also aids in preventing attacks from individual’s website, you can also say it is used to monitor a network so as to ensure that there is no intrusion in the networks. However, if you are still in doubt about how efficient the intrusion prevention system is, read further to discover it’s importance and benefits.

It serves as an additional security 

One major benefits of intrusion prevention system are the fact that it serves as an added security to various networks. It works with another security system to provide adequate security and it goes farther than other security networks. The intrusion prevention system is able to detect threats that other software is unable to detect and it also prevents threats. It is very efficient for those systems that use anomaly-based detection. In most cases, the firewall can be used in place of IPS because it acts like it, but the intrusion prevention system actually focuses more on preventing attacks that firewall is unable to detect and prevent.

Increased efficiency 

Every network has other security Softwares attached to it besides the IPS. However, the IPS assist these other security systems to increase their efficiency because it is able to detect and filter every form of malicious activities trying to intrude a particular network. Once IPS has been able to detect these malicious threats, it has automatically reduced the workload of other security control thereby making them carry out their duties efficiently.

Saves time 

IPS is not a software that needs a lot of attention because it works automatically. Therefore, it allows IT personnel to concentrate on other things without having to worry. Instead of also wasting time in searching for attacks, IPS helps IT personnel to track where attacks are coming from so it can be quickly addressed and prevention motions put in place to prevent future reoccurrence of attacks.

Offers advanced protection 

It is no doubt that new types of attacks are springing up each day and IPS is able to detect and protect your network from these advanced attacks. It performs traffic analysis, reassembling TCP segment, validation of application protocol, and also matches signature to help it detect threats and intruders. This way, it offers advanced protection towards the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Importance of IPS 

There are various reasons why the intrusion prevention system is important and it happens to be the major part of an organization’s security system. With the increase in traffic of various organizations, more intruders are bound to infiltrate their networks and break into confidential documents. Monitoring these threats manually will be unrealistic because these intruders have gone beyond manual, hence the need for intrusion prevention system. IPS works automatically and has the ability to monitor several networks without stressing IT administrators.

Basically, if you are yet to install the IPS as one of your security options, then it is advised that you do so quickly because the IPS fights effectively against various cyber-attacks and threats. With the increase in the rate of threats organizations face, the intrusion prevention system is very vital.

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