How the Use of Multi-URL QR Codes in Your Website Help Gather More Visits from International Users?

Multi-URL QR CodesMulti-URL QR Codes

If you have generated your QR codes before, then you surely have decided between static and dynamic. For starters, static has always been enough, but if you are going more advanced, dynamic is the best choice.

The biggest reason for going dynamic is the flexible updateable content feature. You don’t necessarily have to be restricted with the data you embed on your QR code.

There are a lot of things you can do with it. In most cases, you use it to update the outdated content of your QR codes. In other situations, you provide variable content based on the location of your scanners.

Did you know that when you use the latter, you are attracting more international users? You might not know it, but you are actually bringing in more visitors.

The more you understand the impact of variable content, the easier it is for you to make the most out of it.

1. Targeted Content

People have different cultures, quality of life, and preferences based on their surroundings. So, each is going to be more or less susceptible to a type of content.

For example, an international chain of grocery stores will have different marketing materials for each country. In Asia, rice can be marketed extensively because it is a staple in everyday meals. However, the same marketing is not going to be effective when applied to western nations.

Multi-URL QR codes allow you to provide content that people are more susceptible to base on where they live. As a result, you are able to appeal to a much bigger audience.

2. Multilingual Websites

Not everybody speaks the same language. Even the universal language is not widely spoken in other countries around the world.

Therefore, you can’t provide the same website when people scan your QR codes. Instead, you need to give them one that is in their native language.

With a multi-URL QR code, you can deliver language-specific content based on a scanner’s location. When you provide content that is understandable to your audience, it will receive the engagement it deserves.

3. Countries Have Preferred Apps

In every nation, there is an app that the population prefers. In China, the payment app called WeChat is used by everybody. However, in western countries, that is almost unheard of.

When talking about digital payments, each country has a version of their own. So, when seeking for payments from international users, the QR code they scan should not be solely based on one payment type.

Instead, they can be directed to a PayPal account if they are in the United States, WeChat if in China, and so on. When you make it possible for users to use their preferred or the only digital wallet they have, it is one less hassle for them.

This is not just limited to the concept of payments. In terms of showing video content, direct scanners to TikTok, YouTube, or anything similar when people from different countries scan your QR code.

4. Culturally Sensitive Content

What may be deemed okay in one country, may not be the same for the other. Each culture has a different understanding of what is appropriate or not.

As a result, using one type of content may not be the best choice for your QR codes. Instead, show your scanners a different one based on their location. Make sure that what you deliver is culturally appropriate.

5. Delivers Something New

While showing people specific content based on where they live is the right approach. There are also instances that you would want to bring them foreign content.

If you are a travelling agency, people don’t go to your website to know what is in their place. Instead, they want to know everything that they haven’t seen.

With multi-link QR codes, you can make sure to provide informational content that is always unique to your scanners. So, they don’t get bored by getting offered something they have already seen and known, keeping them coming back for more.

6. Time of the Day Matters

Countries have their own time zone. So, when it is morning in one, it is nighttime in another. Therefore, you can set the content of your QR code that will fit the time of the day for each country.

If it is scanned at nine in the evening in the United States, it will provide nighttime content. It would then be the opposite for countries on the opposite side. They will be shown content that is fit for the morning.


Multi-URL QR codes allow you to deliver content specific to your audiences. You no longer have to make more than one QR code with your QR code generator and confuse your scanners on which one to scan. Instead, you only need one and it automatically brings them to the most suited content based on their location.

As these codes are an essential addition to your website when growing your international visitors, they are effective tools that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

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