How to Avoid International SEO Mistakes in 2022?

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Google is very conscious of providing relevant results to the user so that Google changes its algorithm regularly. If you do not follow the Google algorithm, it may go down to your website. And your competitors can move on because you haven’t improved your website. So be aware of the most common SEO mistakes.

International SEO is an important part of any global marketing strategy. In a recent webinar, international marketing SEO Experts show how to optimize new markets. International SEO has long been a hot topic for enterprise level brands and global companies. But, the growing ease of connecting with people around the world means that these tactics are becoming increasingly important to a growing number of businesses.

Here are some key panel strategies on how marketers can prevent international SEO mistakes.

Optimize the International User Experience

One way to improve UX is to follow the Google Page Experience guidelines. Page Experience Update, which launched in June last year, rewards sites with high quality user experience signals, such as reliable security, optimized page speed, mobile friendliness and more. Marketers can review the Page Experience report in the Google Search Console to ensure that their content provides good experiences to international users.

Paying attention to text styles, color palettes, image types, and the languages used on your landing pages can help ensure that your content resonates with these new audience groups.

Ensure the Technical Elements are Aligned

Marketers need to work with developers to improve their content for an international audience, as overlooked technical issues can often derail campaigns.

Not Implementing an SEO Audit

Consider how you will be able to go to work if you are sick. Similarly, if you have not done an SEO audit of your website. Then how do you know if there is a big mistake in your website that is hindering ranking in SERP? You can use Screaming Frog and Ubersuggest tools to help identify errors on your site. An audit looks at search engine optimization, page loading speed, checkout process, content quality and more.

Forgetting About Web master Setting

Google and Bing allow you to target different areas directly in Webmaster Tools and Search Console settings. This ticked box is easy to forget and easy to fix.

Neglecting Your Website Speed

The speed of your page is a big factor in reaching high rankings in search engine results. We are not just saying that you have to optimize your website for desktop, even in the case of mobile you have to improve your page speed. Because as we know billions of people are using mobile phones, we need to improve our site. Here are some websites where you can check the speed of your website. The first is PageSpeed Insights and the second is gtmetrix. You can maximize the speed of your site by reducing the size of your website images. But remember that images must be of high quality.

Automatic Redirects Based on IP Address

Redirecting to local content based on IP is generally considered a bad practice, especially in countries where more than one language is used. Google Webmaster Trends analyst John Miller said auto-IP redirects should be avoided, as they frustrate users and do not provide the clearest code for crawling Google spiders.

Although auto redirects may be appropriate in some cases, using the JavaScript popup to offer the user an alternative version provides a better experience. International SEO can be complicated, but correcting it will greatly benefit your brand. Get started by avoiding these 13 mistakes, and you’ll find great “luck” in global e-commerce.

Not Providing Quality Content

You’ve heard the word “content is king”. This is true if your content is fresh and unique and provides a solution to the user. Then the chances of coming to a higher position increase. Take an example. If you are guided by what you should do before climbing a mountain, you need to give proper information about climbing. First of all, you have to gather the right information from the right sources, that is, who did it. Gone are the days when you used to write anything with keywords in your content and easily rank on the SERP, Google’s algorithm has changed, it only works on user engagement.

Targeting the Irrelevant Keywords

It is important to target the right keywords in your content. Sometimes newborns choose words that are more competitive because of a lack of knowledge about choosing the best keywords for their website. So before you apply the right keywords to your content, choose less competition, check the search volume, clicks, and traffic potential, to see which are the most common keywords that are in the top 3 on the SERP.

You can use the best free keyword research tool Google Keyword Planner, Soovle, WordStream Keyword Tool and last but not least Ubersuggest. Which we use the most. So here are some free tools to help you find the right keywords. You can use it when researching relevant keywords on your website.

Concentrating Only On-Page SEO

As mentioned above, if you audit your site you will find many errors in your website. Error can be broken links, short title tags, and meta descriptions, mission internal and external links from your web pages, missing H1 headings. That’s right- you have improved your website. So if you focus only on on page SEO then you will not be able to get the desired result on SERP. You need to do SMO, off page SEO which will help to get more traffic and popularity for your website.


The success of SEO strategies focused on driving traffic will depend on the search engines on the road. To fix your SEO strategy, you should take note of the common mistakes mentioned above. Also, it is a good idea to run an SEO audit every six months to find and resolve issues with your website.

If a Singapore SEO company has a client working in the industry, then the company is probably an expert in doing SEO for a business like yours. If you need any help with this, Stridec is here. Their team keeps abreast of the latest trends and believes in satisfying search engine algorithms. They can help you avoid the mistakes that Google may penalize you for and prevent your website from losing traffic.

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