How to Boost Your Business with HR SharePoint Portal

HR SharePoint Portal

The HR department is the most crucial part of every organization. They deal with multiple activities daily, which are unavoidable. With so many responsibilities, they need a tool to manage and organize resources properly.

The HR SharePoint  helps to handle recruiting, training, administration, and staffing operations for the business. The main objective is to run these tasks without stressing and missing out on important ones which affect business performance.

What is SharePoint HR Portal?

It is a versatile platform that is used to customize according to the organization’s requirements. The SharePoint Human Resources Management helps simplify the employee management process, secure personal information, update policy changes, manage leaves, and more.

The different features of SharePoint HR Portal are:

  • Employee Onboarding and Recruiting: It empowers the organization to handle many employee applications. The HR manager will find it easier to search for qualified resumes. SharePoint helps to track the progress of every task. It helps to generate a report and gather statistics of every individual.
  • Employee Evaluation and Management: The HR staff can manage the operations and content using the SharePoint HR portal. Document management becomes effortless as you can track changes, contracts, documents, update job descriptions and history. With the help of task completion, training results, and review performance.
  • Data Management and Encryption: It helps protect sensitive information and control access to data. SharePoint generates alerts from any unauthorized access of the data.
  • Track Policies and Procedures: The company policy must comply with the local, state, and federal laws. Microsoft SharePoint HR portal also ensures that the employees are meeting the policies. Admin also gets the status of the policy, whether it is active or expired, from the dashboard.

How HR SharePoint Portal boosts your business performance?

1.      Great Storage and documentation

SharePoint was chosen by many organizations as a collaborative platform to share documents and work together. The platform changed the whole digital experience with amazing features of handling employee documents and HR content. Be it’s the customer database, compliance documents, and resumes, you can handle it in one place.

2.      Collaborate Seamlessly

This is the key to increasing the understanding and productivity of the employees. When the employees are connected at a single place, their working procedures become more effective for the organization. It saves time which the HR department can invest in improving the organization’s procedures. The SharePoint document management solution is centralized, making it easier to store and search information for the users.

3.      Information Accessibility

Gone are the days when you need to run to a different person to grab a piece of information. The HR SharePoint portal is well-crafted to synchronize files and documents automatically. The documents like employee benefits, handbooks, and company policy can be easily found in the HR SharePoint portal. The framework is fully responsive for all the devices, making it easier to access the documents anywhere, anytime.

4.      Hiring Employees

You might not have to deal with too many emails to shortlist the best candidates with the SharePoint HR portal. It is an extremely manageable solution as the Employee hiring system automatically chooses the relevant employee profiles. Schedule interviews, get reminders, send alerts, and shortlist potential candidates. HR can dedicate their time to improving the working environment.

5.      Centralized Database Management

Human Resources Management has always had difficulty collecting, organizing, and managing employee records. It is vital to keep them handy whenever required. This process consumes time and effort regardless of the industry they are dealing with. The Employee Directory is integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint HR portal, which automatically updates and synchronizes the employee records.

6.      Sharing Information

In this digital world, it has become mandatory to connect, create, collaborate, and campaign for business in order to grow. HR focuses on informing people with business verticals like organizational news, blogs, CEO’s visions, new launches, etc. It is not an easy task for HR to constantly share this information with the employees. The HR SharePoint tool will help manage and track such services with the help of unique features and functionalities.

7.      Custom HR Dashboard

Every organization is unique, and HR professionals have their targets to improve business growth. The SharePoint portal can be customized based on the workflow. By adopting the tool, you can provide a friendly environment. We understand the importance of personalizing the user experience. SharePoint helps to develop a format that is everlasting for every employee.

8.      Safety and Security

SharePoint is a perfect place for digital innovation. It helps to keep sensitive information secure against unauthorized users. It is based on the intranet solution, which provides a safe and secure environment to access the information. The Data Loss Prevention policy helps monitor, identify, and protect sensitive information from various locations.

9.      Introduce Mobile Workspace

The HR SharePoint portal has a mobile-friendly interface which makes it easier to complete the tasks or handle minor changes using the application. Users get to access quickly, work from their mobile devices, and access important documents anytime. This will increase the speed of completing the tasks even while working remotely.

10.  Improve Employee Engagement

The SharePoint HR portal promotes the workplace culture and improves employee engagement by:

  • Measure employee satisfaction through SharePoint forms and surveys. The forms help collect feedback on training, work, and other topics.
  • Display personalized news and updates about the organization
  • Publish content of the users to showcase their talents
  • Gives you communication tools for engagement like instant messages, video conferencing, and more.
  • Display photos and videos from events in the organization

11.  Compensation and Payroll Management

Some of the tasks that HR can handle with the help of SharePoint are:

  • Implement the employee performance measures to know the pay grades
  • Automate assessment of compensation process in real-time
  • Gathering and processing the data like employment hours, pay items, taxes, and deductions
  • Assist in authorizing and tracking the changes in the payroll

Boost your HR performance now!

HR SharePoint is a powerful tool to enhance the efficiency of business operations and generate better results. Explore the platform to have robust solutions that help manage employees and the organization’s workflow.  

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