How to Build a Relationship with your Brothers and Sisters Living Alone

As time goes by people change and sometimes even the closest friends lose connection or even become rivals. This can happen to siblings as well. Brother-sister relationships are very complex and many things can shift them. Today we’ll talk about the main reasons for siblings ‘ estrangement and how to improve brother-sister relationships when living alone.

Why Do People Lose Connections with Their Brothers and Sisters when Growing up?

In most families, siblings of the same age have their quarrels. They can be best friends one day and arch-enemies the next, and you can never predict why. Sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon, but still, it is one of the most frustrating parts of parenting. Experts usually distinguish several reasons why kids lose connection when growing into adults:

Child Competition

Sibling rivalry usually starts with competition. Brothers and sisters want to have more toys, more clothes, or more parents’ attention. Kids fight for their belongings and special treatment, while teenagers want to maintain their independence living under the same roof.

Individual Temperaments

It is difficult to accept people the way they are even for adults. In the case of children conflicts often arise because of different temperaments, characters, and adaptability. This misunderstanding often becomes even deeper in adulthood.

Abusive Parents

It is easy to blame kids, but in fact, adults often become the reason for sibling rivalry. Abusive parents can treat one of their offspring as a golden child and the other one as a scapegoat for all sins. This obviously leads to conflicts or even hate between children.


The most prosaic yet common reason why people lose connection with their siblings is time. Time can divide even the strongest connections. We grow up, change our worldviews and create our own families. Many siblings in their early twenties start living alone and want some independence and that’s completely fine.

Living alone: a new experience

Living alone is often the reason for not only sibling rivalry but isolation from the family. The decision to live on their own is very popular among college students or younger adults. It can bring many benefits like:

  1. Peace and Silence
  2. Freedom of Actions
  3. Having your independent schedule.
  4. Achieving solitude and learning yourself better.
  5. Learning to be Responsible.

How to Improve Communication between Brothers and Sisters?

It is important to respect the desire of your siblings to live on their own. Still, it doesn’t mean that you have to distance yourself from them. Staying in touch with your relatives is significant for a healthy mental state. If your relations have been rocky, we recommend trying out these steps:

1.    Let go of old resentments

The past is the past and there is nothing we can do about it. Try to let go of the bad memories and open your mind to the changes. Your siblings are probably not what they used to be as kids.

2.    Create new memories

Try to spend some time together. Don’t call your parents, just hang out on your own and try to understand your sibling better.

3.    Take care of their personal safety

You can’t always be there for your siblings. Recommend installing personal safety apps for them and list yourself as an emergency contact.

How to Take Care of Your Adult Brothers and Sisters Living Alone

Personal safety is an important aspect of getting on with your siblings. In the case of personal safety apps, you have to be ready to come for help in case of an emergency. The best way to do that is to use an application with a good response mechanism.

For example, AllsWell Alert is an app that uses an inactivity monitoring feature. It is a great way to protect your sibling living alone as the app doesn’t require direct input to ask for help.

Living alone won’t be an issue with inactivity monitoring. Check out AllsWell Alert FAQ if you have questions on how this works.