You have probably found this article because you are interested in How To Build A WordPress Site From A Scratch In 2022. Luckily you are in the right place. We know it is hard to start somewhere, and many new or old users do not know where to start but do not worry. It is very easy to make your own website, and you will be proud of yourself when you make it. Here we will explain to you in steps everything you need to know. Also, we will recommend you some safety points that you should keep in mind.

  • Choose what kind of a website you want to make and set your purpose. 

Before you make a website, you should decide what kind of website you would like to make. Keep in mind that there are different options, such as online stores, portfolios, or blogs, and it is all up to you. This is important to choose one so that you can more easily determine what kind of WordPress website you want. Also, what is your purpose? It is important to keep in mind if you want to work with clients or display your talents. The look and purpose of your website mean a lot to all your visitors because it is the first thing they will notice, and you want to encourage them to stay on your website for as long as possible. 

  • The next thing you need to do is install your WordPress. 

You need to install and maintain WordPress once you’ve arranged your web hosting and purchased a web domain. WordPress is automatically downloaded and installed on many popular webs hosting. But, if you would rather manually activate WordPress for whatever occasion, the process is not too difficult. The WordPress package must first be downloaded and extracted. Next, you must establish a database and a login for your WordPress website. Then just launch the setup process after uploading the data to the website.

  • Try to set up the basics. 

The Dashboard would be the first thing you see it when you register into the WordPress admin. You may view the most current actions on your website in this section. A collection of options will appear on the left side of the display to assist you in managing different daily functions for your website. The following are the available menu possible choices, such as posts, media, pages, comments, appearance, plugins, users, tools, and settings.

Each of these options has its benefits. For example, within Comments users’ comments can be controlled in the comments area. You may enable your visitors to express their thoughts or as needed, you can accept, respond to, modify, spam, or delete comments. All you need to do is look at what each option has to offer and customize your site the best you can for yourself and your needs and desires. 

  • The most important thing after creating a website is your security. 

Of course, it is important to think about your own, but also the safety of your visitors or customers online. You never know when some hacker might attack you and harm everyone and best protect yourself in any way you can. Keep in mind if you do not have an SSL certificate many new or old visitors might stop visiting your website and we are sure you do not want that. 

WP Force SSL, on the other hand, is available at all hours of the day and night to assist everyone with any problems that might well be experiencing. WP Force SSL allows you to switch unsecured HTTP traffic into secured HTTPS and repair any SSL problems without modifying a single line of code. 

SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer, is commonly used to assist and ensure that your entire network is always 100 % reliable and safe. Because of that, the main goal of such SSL certificates and the WP Force SSL plugin is to protect any important information, such as credit cards, sent in between multiple computers. 

A Content Scanner is the first item on our number of features that is worth to highlighting. This feature proves useful because it might be tough for anyone to manually identify and examine a website for imbalanced materials. Even if you have an SSL certificate some of your data could still be HTTP or unsafe by mistake. Some of the more experienced persons cannot manually examine all everything for modified data. In a short amount of time, the Content Scanner feature examines the whole website and saves you your time and nerves. 

With Centralized Dashboard, you can easily maintain control over all your payments, memberships, SSL monitoring, online platforms, and other items. Also, if you have multiple active websites, purchases, or licenses, you have access to everything on that dashboard. This feature also helps you to save your time because you do not have to create multiple usernames and passwords for each site separately.

SSL Monitoring will help you with monitoring and verifying your SSL certificates on a regular basis. If there are some problems or if your SSL certificates are invalidated, it will send you an alarm or notification. This not only monitors but also identifies a number of issues, in addition to its fundamental purpose. Therefore, it displays to you if the website is trustworthy or if there are any issues and flaws which need to be fixed before it is secure. You will be able to repair the mistakes as quickly and smoothly as possible.


After reading this article, we are convinced that you are ready to try and make your WordPress website. This article will always be at hand, and you can remind yourself if you get stuck somewhere while making it. Do not be afraid to give it a try and see what works best for you. As we mentioned in the introduction, it is very easy to make your page. In addition, the best thing that will make this creation easier for you is WP Force SSL. Today, you can virtually find a plugin for any website-building need you may have. UnderConstructionPage and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode are two other useful plugins that can help you build solid-looking under-maintenance and coming soon pages in minutes.

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