How to Buy an Inactive Instagram Account

We know the feeling. There is a username that you’d like, and it is taken. And the worst part is, it’s inactive. With over 2 billion users on Instagram, all of whom can take as many accounts as they want – most good usernames are taken. With Instagram being a part of our life for over a decade – chances are, the username you’d like is not only registered by someone else, but it’s not even active.

I mean, someone has that perfect username that would match your domain and your branding identity. And, they aren’t even using it. So, what can we do about it? Is there a way to take over a username in such circumstances? Well, the good news is, yes, there is a way. And in today’s topic we’ll discuss on how can go about getting a username that is inactive. Let’s go!

Can You Get a Username via Trademark Infringement?

The simple answer is no. It’s a myth. If someone tells you that you can take a username via trademark infringement, well, you cannot. Instagram has made this very clear. They release usernames on a first-come, first-served basis. And as long as the user is not actively impersonating you or your brand – Instagram will not help you get that username.

But what if someone is impersonating you or your brand on Instagram? Well, you can file an appeal – but -that will still not get you the username. Do you get what I mean? If you’re lucky, Instagram will ban the account for impersonating you – but – they won’t just take the account and hand it to you. So, this is all a myth. You cannot get a username via trademark infringement.

The key point to remember here is, if an account is banned, that doesn’t automatically release the username. No. Banned accounts are just banned/disabled accounts. They can still login to their account and file an ‘appeal’ to restore their Instagram account. A username is not released if the account that its registered to is banned.

Getting a Username via Mass Reporting

Several people claim that you can simply keep ‘reporting’ an account on Instagram that you’d like if it’s inactive. And, magically, Instagram will release the username. But, again – the logic here is entirely faulty. Even if you could get 50,000 people to report an account, and you were extremely lucky, and Instagram did take action – they would ban the account. That would, again, not release the username for you. They will ‘ban’ it. A banned or disabled username, although it doesn’t appear in search results, is still not a username that is available to take.

You must understand that having an account banned doesn’t mean the username associated with that account gets released. No, it simply means that the account is now ‘banned.’ That is all. Getting a username released is an entirely different feat altogether.

And, if you really think ‘mass reporting’ can help ban accounts, well, if that were true, people would ban each other until no one was left on Instagram. You cannot have accounts ‘banned’ by mass reporting. Each ban is manually checked. If mass reporting worked, we could all have anyone banned on Instagram. But, of course, it doesn’t work like that.

How to Claim an Inactive Instagram Username

And now is the fun part, where you’ll learn how to buy an inactive Instagram account safely and quickly. And believe me, getting a username that is already taken is easier than you think. Inactive usernames are always ‘claimable.’

What does ‘inactive’ exactly mean? If the account is ‘public,’ you can check when they made their last post. If the account is ‘private,’ you can make a guess based on the number of followers on the account. Of course, if an account is ‘public,’ things are more straightforward. The idea is, you want to have a username that has been inactive for at least one year or more. In other words, they haven’t posted in the last 12 months or more.

So, what do you do next? You have this username, and it is inactive, and the duration of inactivity, as far as you can see, is above 12 months. Well, this is where a social media agency comes. Agencies have access to what we call a media partnership with Facebook and Instagram, and other social networks as well, for that matter. Via these media partnerships, they have access to a dedicated contact within Instagram who undertakes the agency’s requests for username claims, unbans, and verifications.

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With the right agency, you can have a claim request filed on your behalf and then have the username you desire claimed for you. In this way, the username you want is not ‘banned’ or ‘released.’ Instead, the username is assigned to you.

Here is how this works. You must have, to begin with, an existing account that is complete with posts, bio, display photo, and other activities. The name of this account should be similar to what you desire. So, let’s say the username you want is @generaljacob, and you already have a current account with the username @generaljacob_.

And here is what happens on the backend. Your agency would submit a request with Instagram to rename your current account to your desired account. So, you will still have the same username and profile; you will retain the same login, email, phone, posts, and everything else. All that would happen is that your current username will be edited by an Instagram employee to your desired username. Of course, as you can imagine, they don’t need your ‘login’ details in order to do this. So, your agency wouldn’t even need your login details.

And, just like magic, the username you want will be yours.


There are many ‘methods,’ and ‘tricks’ that you may come across that are meant to show you ways to claim an inactive username. But these hold no value in real life. The only way you can claim an inactive username is by hiring a social media agency. A reputable and notable agency would have the ability and the resources to get you the username that you want in no time.

And this, and only this, is how to buy an inactive Instagram account. It’s a straightforward and safe method that gets you what you want in virtually no time.



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