How To Care for Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

If you’re one of the many genius businesses that have thought to order a vinyl banner for your grand business promotion, you have found a way to increase your sales and reach out to customers. You probably have a single question left on your mind. How do I take care of them? Maintaining your vinyl banner is a great way to keep your sign reusable and make sure it will hold up against outdoor elements each time it is used.

Proper Hanging

Using the correct equipment to hang your permanent vinyl banner is the first step to making sure your banner will last. Banners are typically hung by running rope, bungee cords, or zip ties through the metal grommets in each corner. The metal grommets are in place to reinforce the banner and prevent the holes from tearing. Trying to create your own hanging holes or pulling the banner too tight can quickly cause the material to tear. Make sure to leave some slack in the mounting material so the banner has some movement during high winds to prevent the grommets from tearing.

Proper Mounting

Htv Vinyl Banner stands and backdrops are a unique way to market to customers as they reach your front door and set the scene for products. Most vertical banners and backdrops require pole-pocket mounting. This is the process of creating a pocket within the top and bottom of the banner with enough room for the down dowel. The dowel is used to attach the banner to the stand or backdrop hanging equipment. Make sure your pockets are large enough to fit the dowel. When mounting the banner, make sure the banner is raised to its full height but is not being stretched. Too much tension could snap the banner stand poles or cause the banner to stretch or warp.

Remove Hanging Equipment

Before you store your banner make sure to completely remove all of the hanging equipment. For the best storage, banners should be rolled up and any hooks or ropes still on the banner can scratch or puncture the material. Don’t store your banner fully equipped on a banner stand because the exposed graphics can get scratched.

Proper Protection

When you’re finally ready to store your banner, it should be carefully rolled with the graphics facing inward. This will help to protect the graphics from scratching and from ink transferring to other parts of the sign if it gets hot.

Proper Storage

Vinyl banners are designed to be weatherproof and to withstand different conditions. If you want your banner to last over time, it’s a good idea to store it carefully. Keep it protected from high traffic areas and don’t store anything on top of it. Keeping the banner rolled protects the banner from permanent creases and folds. Also, don’t store it in areas that are exposed to extreme heat as this could lead to warping and damage to the ink.

Md Jahangir
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