How to celebrate a birthday in covid lockdown

celebrate a birthday in covid lockdowncelebrate a birthday in covid lockdown

It might not be the most polite thing to say but people who have their birthdays in the year 2021 when we are currently facing lockdown is like a flashback. At the same time last year, these same people suffered on their birthdays along with the pandemic the whole world was going through. And this is too nostalgic for everyone but it still is happening.

Only this time what we can do is look for solutions especially when we know that it can last for some time, although that is the last thing we hope for. So today all the conversation will be about how to do some things on your birthday like ordering cake delivery in Lucknow or making it at home. Ordering birthday pops or making paper pops at home. The choices can be tough but difficult times call for even difficult solutions and if the aim is to make peace during these taxing times it is okay to pamper ourselves, be happy and comfortable with our friends and families for a while. 

Start making notes, we are about to jot down a list of options you can refer to to celebrate a decent birthday, staying completely safe and taking utmost precautions. 

  • Make a cake

Lockdown or not making cakes will always be a thing. If you are confident in your skills and if you have all the ingredients needed for it, get ready early in the morning to start making the cake. Don’t be too hypothetical about it unless you are an expert. Just hope for the best outcome, and hope for it to be edible. 

  • Connect everyone on video calls

Even if you can’t meet everyone in person and have a big bash for yourself, you can connect with your friends and family on video calls. Connect as many people as you want through the wizard of technology. And ask everyone to be dressed to look beautiful and to bind the vibe. 

  • Style a dress

You probably don’t have a standing dress in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn once, so what you can do is make a dress customising and styling it as you please and taking a few hits and curves and stitches to make a perfect new birthday dress from the old one. 

  • Decorate your house

Like every birthday where the venue is always on point and a decorated one too, decorate your house and make it beautiful too. You can do anything you like from balloons to ribbons, to paint on the wall room. It’s your time to go crazy. 

  • Cook delicious things

You can cook for yourself, even if you are not sure of your talent, a YouTube tutorial can sort it all for you. Make your favourite things it’s kind of the plus point of the whole cook for yourself, birthday at home. You can do everything on your terms, with some songs and drinks while you cook. 

  • Make insta stories and posts 

You post on Instagram whether the occasion is big enough or not. Well, thing one requires quite some heed and you should make a series of videos of how the whole day is coming out. And post them as you do it. 

  • Do a photo session

Bored at home with not many people at home you probably need a distraction. The best for which is doing a photoshoot by finding a few hidden angles you never knew existed in your house and were so perfect for you, like a picture from the top angle using the fan as your holder. 

  • Write about it

If you like to maintain a journal you are already planning on mapping every second of this day too. But if not this is your window to, if not much, at least start a blog explaining how this birthday meant more or less to you. And how you can inspire everyone around you to give themselves a chance even when the situation is ready to knock us all down.