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How to check 500+ URLs domain authority in no time

domain authoritydomain authority

Domain authority helps very much in google ranking and determines whether the website will rank or not. The Domain authority was introduced by Moz and it changes the whole level of the industry. Before it, the website wasn’t considered as a ranking factor only content was considered as a ranking factor. The domain authority helps to tell website owners that they have to work on their website to rank on google and maintain their position.

The domain authority is not only important for a large business website but also for small businesses. The Domain authority is rated to the top 100. If your website is less than 10 points in domain authority. It will suffer and will not rank. The domain authority is also influenced by the age of the website. The top-ranking websites on google are mostly websites that are 2-3 years old. Hence, a website needs to plan for the long term instead of going for the short term. The Domain authority can be increased by time.

This article will provide you with websites that can help you determine the domain authority of a website and then you can work on it for the betterment of the website. Here are the top best 5 websites you can use for determining the domain authority of a website.

Bulk da check

domain authority
domain authority

This DA checker is free to use and doesn’t require any registration for the use. This website not only provides information about the domain authority but also act as a PA checker. The website can also tell about the trust flow level. How many people trust your website according to their visit and stay on the website. It also gives information citation flow how much time people spend on your website. The more time spend on your website the more it will benefit you in the long term. This website act as a bulk da checker. It can check up to 50 websites in a row. The website is very fast and gives results instantaneously.

Inet ventures

domain authority
domain authority

This website is very good for the da check. This also acts as a bulk da checker. This website is free to use. The first few usages of the website don’t require any registration but after some time it requires registration on the website. You can add 5 websites at a time. it is user-friendly and process websites at high speed. It also contains blogs for the websites to improve their da and there will be very helpful for the website owners. The website doesn’t require you to buy the premium offer for using it continuously.

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domain authority
domain authority

This da checker is a very good website and helps a lot. It also act as a bulk da checker. In this website, you can easily check up to 500 URLs at once and it is very fast. This website authority checker is free to use and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The website gives information about the da and pa. In addition to this, it provides information about domain age and traffic on the website. This is very important for the website owner to know about website traffic. This website also provides information about the quality of backlinks and you can make an excel report on the website and download it. This website can be accessed from anywhere in the world and contain ads for its proper functioning.


domain authority
domain authority

This da checker also acts as a bulk da checker. You just have to paste the links in the box and it will provide information about the website. This website also acts as a pa checker. It also lets you know about the IP of the website. The website can give 5 domains at a time. It gives details about both HTTP and HTTPS websites. This website also gives detail about the websites that are not secure and aren’t recognized by other websites.


domain authority
domain authority

It also acts as a pa checker. The website can check up to 10 domains at a time and provide authentic information due to its integration with the Moz. It has a captcha that needs to be filled and this is the drawback found on this website. The website does not contain any ad and can be used very easily. It does not require any registration for usage and is very to use. The website also a column for the betterment of website da to help users better their website.

Coder duck

domain authority
domain authority

This da checker is very easy to use and can give very fast results of the given websites. This website also acts as a bulk da checker. The website does not require any registration and does not have a captcha to be filled but it contains a lot of ads that damage user experience and you cannot use adblocker for it. The website gives you access to summit 20 links at a time in the box and this website is very to use. The website also has many other tools for the users to use them for their betterment of website and ranking higher in google and other search engines.

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The websites are free to use and can be used by anyone in the world. Da checker is very important for the website and helps a lot to know about the website metrics and performance. The best thing DA is you can increase da by publishing good quality content and getting backlinks from good websites. This point is very important and helps a lot to website owners to get ranked in google by backlinks. The other factor that helps in the ranking is getting backlinks from a good website, not from spammy websites. It can really hurt the ranking of a website and the website because it suffers a lot.

The article is written after deep and extensive research and hopes to provide you with value and information. Please share and comment on your favorite part.


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