How to choose a better CCIE training institution?

How to choose a better CCIE training  institution that suits you? Any institution has its own public courses. You can first experience it and then come to the conclusion according to your own situation: “Which institution’s training method is more suitable for you?”

In fact, the selection of institutions currently has several criteria: whether it is the latest teaching material; whether it focuses on actual combat; how is the pass rate? Below we elaborate on these aspects in detail.

  • The problem of the latest teaching materials

In fact, textbooks are equivalent to question banks, Theoretical knowledge, generally do not change much, but whether the question bank is up to date, it can be related to your pass rate of CCNA and CCNP exams. This is quite important!

Some people say that institutions are useless, self-study is enough. Then they found the question bank by themselves, learned the outdated question bank, and of course did not pass the CCNA exam.

Why are the textbooks of the institution the latest? Because it is bought with real money, and what you find on the Internet is fundamentally different. After all, institutions also want to maintain their reputation. They will use various channels to obtain the latest question bank, and then give them to the students of the institution.

  • Practical issues

Presumably when it comes to CCIE’s training institutions, it is inseparable from the problem of Paper. Therefore, we believe that whether to focus on actual combat is an important factor in whether a training class is worthy of being selected.

In fact, the actual combat is not a literal meaning, it is not for you to operate against a bunch of switches and routers, which is very slow.

Practical combat refers to whether the teachers of the training class can teach you the knowledge points and combine their own experience based on their own experience, so that you can practice

  • The problem of pass rate.

Many people say that I am not for certificate, but to learn technology. Yes, it is good to have this awareness. But in the end, you still have to get a certificate in order to use your skills, right? If you don’t have a certificate, you don’t even have a stepping stone, and others don’t want you, where can you show your talent?

Therefore, the pass rate is a part of training institutions that must be inspected, and the pass rate can reflect the strength of a training institution. In many cases, if a student does not study solidly, we will suggest waiting for the next round of exams. Why? Because the teacher’s experience can tell him how likely the students are to pass the exam at the current level. At this time, you can completely save a certification cost for the exam. After all, the exam registration cost is not cheap!

Choose  the above three points, no matter which training class, it is best to focus on inspection. If you are satisfied with these three points, then choose the one that suits you best!

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