How To Choose a Reliable AWS Consultant in 3 Steps

You could be a Government organization, a business enterprise, an educational institution, or an individual – chances are that you would be familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the big name in cloud computing infrastructure. The way to leverage AWS services and solutions is to access the AWS Partner Network or APN – a community of consultants and specialists validated by Amazon. We present a simple guide to choosing an AWS partner bringing top-notch security, speed, scalability, and flexibility within affordable reach.

At the outset, you have to be very clear about your organization’s needs, your financial capacity to handle change, and the time you’re planning to invest in the AWS consultative process. Most importantly, what does your IT backbone need, and what does the in-house team lack that requires outsourcing. With the essentials wrapped up, you are ready to unravel the benefits of AWS Consulting during your cloud migration journey.


Step 1: AWS Solutions Consulting: Zero In On Consultants With Certified Teams

AWS is a formidable suite of services that demands tons of expertise. Amazon has devised a complete series of certifications based on different service modules. When you select an AWS-certified team, you can rest assured that you have access to professionals that have been audited, vetted, validated, and certified by Amazon. These Amazon-certified pros are well versed in key AWS concepts and can deliver the transformational change that your business demands.

Pro Tip: The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate, the AWS Solutions Architect – Professional, and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner are among the top cloud certifications most in demand.

Step 2: AWS Certified Professional: Select The Team Packing Maximum Expertise Under One Roof 

AWS isn’t a technology package that you deploy, plug, and play; its functionality digs deep into application development and cloud migration, besides designing, analytics, networking, storage, and database management.

Pro Tip: The sensible approach is to select the team capable of delivering on-demand services.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud): Your gateway to virtual servers where you can deploy applications without investing in expensive hardware.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service): Your secure, high-capacity, scalable storage facility for protecting large databases.

Amazon Lambda: The power to run code for any application and utility without the hassle of owning servers. Upload the code, and Lambda frees you from the administrative headache.

Amazon CloudFront: The content delivery platform seamlessly integrates you with other Amazon systems like Amazon S3 for a personalized global distribution of data, video, apps, and APIs.

Amazon Glacier: The inexpensive way to archive data for prolonged backups, fulfilling the regulatory compliances.

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud): A flexible dashboard management mechanism giving you absolute control over your private cloud space.

Amazon IAM (Identity and Access Management): The ecosystem where you create and manage users and delegate and deny permissions for AWS resource access.

Amazon ElastiCache: Immensely popular for running high-maintenance, millisecond-response applications covering a wide spectrum of niches from gaming to geospatial services and live analytics to queuing.

Amazon Redshift. This powerful data warehousing service structures, stores, and executes analytic queries against petabyte stacks of structured data.


Why waste time, energy, and money availing these services from different sources when you can choose one team that delivers the entire package on a single platter?


Step 3: AWS Solution Architect: Tap The Amazon Partner Network (APN) For Premium Services

Searching for an AWS partner might seem an intimidating task. Still, Amazon makes the customer’s task easier with AWS Partner differentiation programs that neatly categorize the knowledge, services, and solutions these experts deliver.

The AWS Competency Partner: You could be in digital media, financial services, government, or healthcare; this is where you discover partners with offerings tailored to your niche.

The AWS Service Delivery Expert: These are experts bringing insightful product-level best practices to your business. Their design and implementation solutions will improve the customer experience at optimal cost.

The AWS Service Ready Program: This is where you locate AWS partners offering ready-to-use software products validated by AWS partner Solution Architects. Using these products makes companies more visible to customers, boosts sales, and makes service teams goal-oriented.

The AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP): These AWS partners will be invested in your business over the long term, offering planning and design services with end-to-end migrations, operations, and support roles. These AWS partners extend the full benefits of managed IT services to boost your business health and raise the bar of your technical capabilities.


Busy as you are in modernizing your company, leveraging technology to blaze an innovative growth trajectory, and expanding your business horizons, the AWS partner becomes your game-changer.

Whether it’s native service expertise, industry-specific customization, or an MSP-inspired end-to-end customer solution, the reliable AWS Consultant is the consummate professional that fits your bill.

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