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How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Company

Are you looking to create software for your company or as a service?

If so, you need to choose the right software outsourcing company. The question is, how to choose such a company?

Nobody has the money and the time to go through trial and error to choose the right software outsourcing services company.

Furthermore, the thousands of software outsourcing companies located in different countries with diverse prices and service quality. Which one is the best choice?

Today, we will share with you a guide to help you choose the right software outsourcing company.

About Software Outsourcing, once you compare the different companies on these handfuls of parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy.

1. Check the company portfolio

Want to know if the company has the caliber to create your software or not?

If so, you have to check the portfolio of the company.

Sure enough, if the company has the caliber, it would have created much more complex software in the past.

In that case, you will know right away if you can hire that company or not.

If it is a new company, there is no point in hiring it to create your software.

A single glance at the company portfolio will let you know whether that company is right for outsourcing software development or not.

2. Get in touch with referrals

It is common practice in the software industry to provide your prospective customers with referrals.

With the help of referrals, you can easily know whether the software outsourcing company is good enough or not.

You have to ask for referrals from them. Instead of just getting the referrals, you will need to get in touch with those referrals.

You have to ask the referrals questions like:

  • How was your experience with the software company?
  • Did the company deliver the software on time?
  • Did the software cost go over budget?
  • How was the after-sales support of the software development company?
  • Would you recommend that software outsourcing company to someone else?

Once you get the answers to these questions, it will become easier for you to choose a software outsourcing company.

Since you are getting first-hand feedback from the referrals, making the decision becomes easy.

3. Know your requirements

You might think, how can knowing your requirements help you choose the right company?

The truth is, it definitely can.

Unless and until you know your requirements, how will you explain the same to the outsourcing company?

If the company does not know what you need, how will they present you with a proposal?

It is all interrelated.

That is why you have to know your requirements.

Only when you know the requirements can you approach the software outsourcing company and get a proposal. That is why this might seem like a trivial parameter, but it can certainly help you choose the right company.

4. Inquire about the turnaround time

We all have deadlines for the software which we want. The problem is that most people do not inquire about the turnaround time from the software development company.

This is where they go wrong.

If the development company doesn’t know about your deadlines, they will not abide by them.

Many times, when they already have a lot of projects, they will right away tell you that abiding by the deadline is not possible.

In that case, avoid that company and go for another one.

However, you need to inquire about the turnaround time and let them know your deadline.

Once you do that, it will become easier for you to choose the right software outsourcing company.

5. Check their communication skills

Sooner than later, you will need to contact the customer support department of the company. It can be to clear require your query or know the delivery status or tackle a bug in the software.

If the company’s customer support is not up to the mark, you will be doing the round for weeks together.

A much better approach is to check their communication skills in advance.

You need to contact them as a prospective customer and gauge the response and turnaround time to get back to you.

Once you do so, you will gain an idea about their communication skills. That will help you filter out companies that aren’t up to the mark.

6. Make sure you will have the ownership

You might not know this, but many software outsourcing companies retain ownership of the code even after the delivery.

Isn’t that detrimental for your business?

Of course, it is!

That is why you have to speak about the ownership right at the proposal stage.

Only when the company gives up the ownership of the code to you after the payment can you go ahead with that software outsourcing company.

Otherwise, you need to find a company willing to provide you with complete ownership after the delivery and payment stage.

7. Go with a company that provides follow-up service

Do you know that software evolves with time?

If you use the software for your own company, you will notice the need to add new features sooner than later.

Similarly, if you offer that software as a service to your customers, the customers will sooner than later suggest new features.

Either way, you will need a follow-up service from the software outsourcing company.

Instead of doing the rounds later on or finding a new company, you have to choose one to provide you with follow-up service.

If they do an annual maintenance contract, that is even better.

Nevertheless, you have to judge the company on this parameter before choosing them.

8. Inquire about the technology they use

Did you know that the same software can be built on different technologies?

It can be built on Java, Python, and so on.

Not only that, it can be a self-hosted solution, cloud-hosted solution, and so on.

You have to always inquire about the technology that the software company will use and choose them.

Only when the technology in use is as per the industry standard and convenient for you, should you go ahead with that software outsourcing company.

Once you compare the software outsourcing company on these 8 parameters, choosing the best one becomes easy. Instead of getting confused between the offerings of different companies, all you need to do is take into account the 8 parameters, and your life will become easier when you’re trying to outsource software development.

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