How To Choose The Best Collagen Supplements?

Collagen has been among the top skin care supplements that have gained significant popularity because of the results they provide. The popularity of the product has resulted in many companies selling them it’s often a little difficult to pick the best collagen supplements, especially as a beginner.

So, here is a guide to give some knowledge about collagen and help choose the best among them.

What is collagen?

The firmness in the skin of humans depends chiefly on one chemical called collagen. This chemical is also found in tendons, bones, and muscles and is made from three essential amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. 

The production of collagen at the previous level starts decreasing once someone hits their mid-twenties, as a result, the skin starts to lose its firmness. 

What are collagen supplements?

As one consumes calcium supplements when they have decreased amount of calcium similarly there are supplements in the place known as collagen supplements that are consumed once they start having low collagen production in their body. 

It increases skin health and has other potential benefits like improved nine and tissue health. One can consume it in the form of tablets, liquid, and powder.

How are collagen supplements made?

Collagen is not unique to humans; and is found in one form or another in various parts of animals. The collagen is formed with the help of collagen peptides extracted from the hide and connective tissue of the fishes and cows. They are generally made from wasted skin and the companies that manufacture them make sure the animals they come from are raised with all the ethical concerns in mind.

But to avoid the cow skin residuals people are mostly shifting to Marine collagen that is manufactured from fish skin.


How to pick the best collagen supplements?

Knowing what one consumes is necessary if it’s meant to affect one’s body. But everybody is not a scientist so it can be a little difficult to pick from many options available and each company hails itself the best. So, here are a few tips to help one choose the best collagen supplement.

Tip 1: Make sure it’s clinically safe

Before moving to any tips it is important to make sure that the collagen is safe to consume and causes no harm. 

Because although collagen is safe to consume if it’s prepared properly by experts and the easiest way to know about clinical safety is through clinical testing. So, before buying the collagen supplement please make sure it has been clinically tested by competent authorities.

Even if the supplement is at a lower price would be of no use and will hurt one’s body.

Tip 2: Make sure it has added vitamin ç and biotin

Biotin and Vitamin C, when consumed will improve the quality of the skin, as they are essential elements for healthy skin. 

Most good collagen includes both of them in their supplements as it will make skin tighter and healthier. 

Tip 3: Choose the right source

The collagen can be made from two sources namely Marines and land animals (like Cows and pigs). Both are good among them, people are choosing marine collagen supplements more and more because of religious reasons and amino acid structure. Let’s understand each of them one by one.


Some religions would not allow the consumption of cows and pigs. The collagen made from land animals is chiefly made from them because their cost of production is low. As a result, people with religious concerns won’t consume them and can consume best collagen supplements.

Amino Acid Size

The amino acid structure is the main thing that is responsible for the effect the collagen has, but in supplement form, this collagen had to be absorbed in the body and for that one needs a smaller amino acid profile of the collagen peptide produced from the animal.

The size of animal amino acids is bigger compared to amino acids available in marine collagen. As a result, collagen made from animals is absorbed less in the body compared to its Marine counterpart.


Thus, more and more people are opting for Marine collagen and it is a very popular ways to how one should choose it given its benefits. 


Tip 4: Pick the type of collagen according to one’s need

Although there are different types of collagen available in the market collagen is not only used to stop the skin but also improves the health of bones and joints. The three types of collagen are as follows:

Type 1 collagen

The first type of collagen is chiefly found in the skin and it’s this particular type of collagen that is responsible for healthy and firm skin, as it made 80up % of the skin.

Type 2 collagen

This type of collagen is found in bones and joints and is one of the main factors for the health of bones and joints. 

Type 3 collagen

This type of collagen is chiefly responsible for the healthy hair and nails of human beings and other animals. Thus it’s consumed for this specific purpose.


Since each collagen has different uses it’s essential to pick and choose them.

For example, if one had good bone health but bad skin and hair then they should opt for the collagen supplement that has both type 1 and type 3 collagen.


Tip 5: Taste of the supplement  

When picking the best collagen supplements that one can have its essential supplement that tastes good.

A few weeks of consumption is essential because although the supplement is nothing less than a miracle still needs to consume it for a few weeks to see as in long-term would bring great results. 

And nobody wants to consume a bad-tasting supplement for a long time. So, make sure some flavors are added that are not artificial but natural because artificial flavoring can be bad for the skin. 


If one can follow these simple tips while picking the best collagen supplements, one sees the results in skin health.


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