How to Choose the Best Router for your Home

How to Choose the Best Router for your Home

The internet connection has become a basic need these days. That is because almost every home in the world has a smart device that needs an internet connection. For connection to these devices, you can either use mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection. And for Wi-Fi connection, a good router is required for a smart home.

The router is connected to a modem or an ONT box. The router that broadcasts Wi-Fi to all your home devices. Most of the routers can also be connected to your devices through an Ethernet connection.

Most of the internet service providers’ provider a router for your internet connection. However, you may find that this provided router is lacking in terms of speed, range, number of devices connected and other features. In addition, the cost of renting a router in the long is more than the initial outlay for your own router.

Therefore, we need to get the best home router for your home. For example, you may need the best optimum router if your internet service provider is Optimum. Some of the other people will use the features to get the best internet router.

We will therefore in depth explore the different features and specifications that you need to check to ensure that you get a router that will serve your home now and into the future.

What do you consider when choosing a home router?


Why would you get a router that will not cover your whole home with high-speed Wi-Fi? This is the challenge with some of the routers especially for large homes. You may need to check the size of your home in order to get a router that will serve your home well.

The main challenge is if your house is made of thick walls or you have a story house. However, these days you can use one of the best routers for a two story house or more to get the best connection. In this case, you will find some of the mesh systems to be exceptional.

Getting a long range router will ensure that all your devices no matter where they are located in your home access fast Wi-Fi. The range is affected by the number and power generated by your antennas, Beamforming technologies, and other features.

Number of devices

You should always check the number of devices in your home that require high-speed internet to ensure all of them are covered. In most American homes, there are approximately 11 smart devices. To ensure all of them are connected simultaneously, you need a router for multiple devices.

To ensure that all your devices get the best connection, you can get a router with advanced QoS, Beamforming technologies and an exceptional processor. These features enable your router to give each device the service it deserves.

You should always check the location of your devices in your home. This may necessitate you to check the devices requiring Ethernet connections. These ones need to be near the router.

Internet speed

Some routers cannot manage gigabit speeds if your ISP subscription is a Gigabit connection. Some of the routers however, are able to provide the best connection for gigabit internet subscriptions.

Therefore, as you are choosing your router, be sure to check the internet speed that it can support. These speeds are exceptional for Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 devices. You also need to make sure that you take either a tri-band or dual-band router at the very least.

The internet speed is also affected by the processor speed and the connection type for your devices. Ethernet connections provide reliable and fast internet as compared to a Wi-Fi connection.

Security features and parental controls

We all want our data, users and children to be safe when online. However, this may not be possible in some routers. Therefore, as you choose your router, you need to ensure that it has the most advanced security features and parental controls.

The best parental control features give you an ability to regulate the time your children are online, can monitor their device usage, can block some of the sites and apps that are not meant for their age among other functionalities.

As for the security features, you will be sure that your personal data and privacy will be emphasized if you pick an exceptional router.

Ease of connection and configuration

It would be very unfair to you if you pick a device that will require an expert to set up and configure every time. These days, there are several routers that give you the ability to set them up yourself.

Therefore, it is important to choose one that can be easily set-up and managed.


As you are buying your router, be sure to check these features to ensure that you get the best connection for your home. The features make is easy to cover your whole home and devices with fast internet safely.