How to Crack Windows Password Any version (100% working 2018)

Crack Window password

Adding password to computer adds extra layer of protection to your computer. But sometimes this becomes annoying when we forget the password. There are different methods available in internet to crack windows password of window when you have forgotten it. But many of them are fake or doesn’t work anymore. Today I am going to share two method to crack windows password when you have forgotten it.


Method 1: Without using third party app


Step 1: First get bootable iso file to your USB or CD/DVD which is similar to your windows.

If you are trying to crack windows password of window 7 choose window 7.iso and so on.


Step 2: Then go to boot menu and choose USB or CD/DVD.

You can go to boot menu by pressing F12 key or delete depending on your system.


Step 3: Then choose Repair your Computer. System restore will start but Click Cancel.

Step 4: Then it will show u methods to repair your computer. Choose System image recovery.
After you have chosen it go to next > then select file> click ok

Step 5: Then it will redirect you to browse. Goto D:\(Because C will replace to D or with another letter).Then go to Windows> system32 copy cmd.exe with a name cmd2.exe then copy Utilman.exe with a name Utilman2.exe

Step 6: Delete Utilman.exe then Rename cmd2.exe to Utilman.exe After you have done that restart your computer

Step 7: Then restart your computer and go to the account you want to login then at the bottom there is an Advanced option icon which contains narrator and on-screen keyboard, Click on that and it should open cmd then write in:

” net user youraccountname * “

Then it will say to enter password, after u have set an password exit cmd and on the account enter your new password!!!

Method 2 : Using third party app to Crack Windows Password

Step 1:  Download, Install the Program on Another Working Computer

First of all, download and install WinGeeker Ultimate on another working computer, you will need a DVD or USB flash drive after installing the tool to create a bootable drive. Here, we will consider USB drive which is most commonly used these days.

Crack Window password

Step 2: Create a Bootable Reset Disk with USB or DVD/CD

Now insert the USB drive to the computer and start to create bootable reset disk. Run WinGeeker Ultimate program and be sure to choose USB option device. After choosing USB, click “Burn USB” and start the process. Once process is finished, remove the drive.

Step 3: Insert USB Drive to Your Locked Computer and Set Boot from USB

Insert the USB drive to the locked system and choose reboot option. Now you can reboot your system and type F2, F12 or any key it asks to go to BIOS settings. The process to enter BIOS varies from brand to brand. Then choose the boot option to USB or DVD.

Crack Window password

Step 4: Begin to Crack Windows  Password

After changing the boot order to USB and restart your PC. While booting, WinGeeker Ultimate tool will open this time. It will detect the Windows system and accounts where you can reset users, admin, local, HomeGroup, or Guest password. Simply choose the desired user to reset and click “Reset Password” to proceed. The target user password will be blank after reset. Then click “Reboot” to restart the system. Now it will be back without asking password.

Crack window password

NOTE: You can also create a new account by clicking “Add User” button.

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