How to create a video that will be one of the Most-viewed on TikTok?

If your company is looking for more ROI on the TikTok app, you may want to read the tips below. They can get you to rise in the ranks of the most viewed videos. However, keep one thing in mind, before creating any post for this social media: It needs to remain light and fun, at all times. The average age public on TikTok is below 34, and as Cindy Lauper used to sing: They “just want to have fun.”

Follow the Basics

On TikTok there are a few basic rules that you should always follow. As we mentioned in the introduction, trying to go corporate on this public, will definitely backfire on you and your company. Stay on the lighter side and be “one of the gang,” instead of trying to teach. Keep the videos that you create for TikTok, on the short side. Fifteen seconds should be watched by almost everyone, even those with a short-attention span. Follow the trends that are happening. They can be about photo or video editing, or about special effects, a given a subject, even a particular song. Always keep in mind that a good post is an interesting one. Here is more on how to make an attractive TikTok video.

Try the Duets Feature

If you can’t be the most interesting one, join the one that is. Although you won’t create yourself a place as a creator of content this way, you will still attract curious people looking to see how you fare in comparison to another user. The Duets feature consists of tagging along another video from someone else. It splits the screen in two, and lets you sing along, comment, copy or whatever else you would like to do, inside your own video, while the other plays alongside.

Call upon an Influencer or a Famous Person

Again, if you can’t make the buzz by yourself, call upon someone that can do it for you. The goal is still the same: To get as many views as possible and to reach the most-viewed list. It doesn’t matter if you share the glory. After all, what the company is looking for are new customers. And the way to do that on TikTok, is to get the users to see your company as cool and on the scene. If an influencer or a famous person helps them to see you this way, why not?

Use Your TikTok Posts on Your Other Social Media Accounts

TikTok is a different kind of beast, on social media. If you have mastered the others (Instagram, Facebook,…), but not this one yet, then use the ones that are already working for you, in order to attract more people on your TikTok account. To do so, all you need is to share the content you create on TikTok, on your other social media. Get your followers to do some sharing of their own, for your content, and there are bound to be a few TikTok users that will see you there, and look for you on the other app as well.

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