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In 2018 we provide you with a method to create free .edu email. We updated this article in 2019 and provided you with another method. We are happy for those who created .edu email after reading that posts. Edu email is very special because it comes along with many benefits. So the method to create free .edu email are patched pretty quickly. So the method mentioned above may not work for you. But you can also try from above methods. Who knows you may got lucky :-D.

It’s now beginning of 2020 so we at thetechrim decided to follow our trend and publish a new way to get free .edu email updated method for 2020. In our previous article we already mentioned about the benefits of .edu email so in this article we will just cover how to create the free .edu email.


  1. Visit Here. [Note: You must need US ip to access this site]
  2. Apply for admission in that university.


3. Now you need to enter identity information, Visit fake name generator website if you’re come from outside US region, remember to create a US identity by click Generate button.You have to fill in all checklist item (total are 9 items). I won’t describe in details how to fill in the column, I have already explained that in our 2018 post.


You will receive your college login information via email from within a week after you apply for admission.

Inside the email contained your edu email ID ending with, student ID and Comet ID.

It is important that you login and set up your profile and change your password.

Access the student portal at The login is your Comet ID and your default password is your birth date (mmddyy).

Please note down your birth date during fill in the admission form.

Now you have full working .edu email 🙂 . Since the college email system uses Google for Education service, not surprise Google Drive is supported.



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