How To Design Eco-Friendly Packaging

Wholesale kraft packaging

Whether you are shipping something or sending gifts to your loved ones, you want the packaging to be on point. This is because good packaging leaves a good impression of the sender. While impressing the other person, you also have to keep your environment in mind. You need to make sure you are not harming your environment just because you want to impress someone. 

That’s why it is important you go for the eco-friendly material. You can choose a bubble sheet, cardboard, cornstarch packaging, mushroom packaging, etc. Don’t go for third-class plastic packaging since it’s harmful for the environment. Shifting to eco-friendly packaging can be less profitable for companies, but it can be very effective for our environment like Forest, Seas, River, etc. Wholesale kraft packaging is available in the market with eco-friendly features.

Let’s talk about the ways to make packaging more eco-friendly


Packaging made out of cardboard can help keep our environment clean, and it is also an eco-friendly packaging. You can also make a stool out of cardboard to use it as a bedside table, coffee ,table as a seat. Upon seeing the success rate, companies are developing Christmas boxes, wine boxes, which can be converted to stool after they have served their purpose. 

Paper Bottles 

A company named Ecologic in California first came with this idea to use recyclable products to make paper bottles. This packaging is made by newspaper, cardboard, and a thin layer of recyclable plastic in between them to make it more resistant against bad climate conditions. A very famous brand named L’Oreal also collaborated with this company to make this packaging more known. 

Bright Idea 

Suppose you are the kind of person, who is against the idea of using excessive packaging in a product, this kind of packaging is for you. Esther Li designed this product to make it more eco-friendly for an energy saver company model. This packaging uses only one strip of recyclable cardboard while also making sure that the bulb can be seen easily. 

Newspaper Egg Cartons 

When you go to the grocery store, you always see this packaging in which eggs are wrapped in a single sheet newspaper that is protected from outside by cardboard. It is also protected from the top by putting a foam for cushioning. So, it’s a fine combination of sustainability and protection. 

Reusable Bags 

Even big companies like PUMA are using this packaging. Their bags are made up of many raw materials, which makes it more eco-friendly. This company’s designer revealed that this packaging saves 60% of water, diesel, and energy, which is later used for making other traditional bags.

Juice Cartons

In the modern world where businesses are focusing on every possible aspect, they are equally mindful about the environmental circumstances. With this being said, the juice boxes are being made up of recyclable cardboard to keep the juice secure without impacting the flavor and taste. On the other hand, for companies using the low-class plastic packaging, the juice’s flavor and taste will be impacted.