How to Develop a High-Quality Taxi App like Uber for Your Business?

Today, nearly everyone owns a smartphone and most of them would have used a taxi booking
app at least once. The market is full of on-demand applications providing taxi services to
customers. Thus, new businesses are finding it really difficult to stand out from their
competitors. Uber alone has captured a 71% share of sales in the U.S. followed by Lyft at 29%.
The global market share of Uber is 37.2%.

Aren’t these figures enough to tell you how quickly the taxi booking market is booming? Indeed,
they are.

So, if you too are planning to start an online taxi business like Uber, this blog is a must-read for
you. Take a look at how you can build a high-quality app that will bring you long-term success,
impeccable growth, and stunning profit generation.

Well, before learning about the steps to build a taxi booking app, you first need to look at how it

The first step is to define the workflow of your app and then move on to designing and coding it.
Uber Taxi Booking App – Workflow
The best thing about using a taxi app to book a ride is the ease and comfort it offers. Customers
love how easy it is to log in to the app, connect with a driver, and get around the city.

Here is how the ride-hailing app works:
● Request taxi ride: to place the ride request, the user logs into the app, types in the pick-
up and drop-off locations, and selects a payment option. Upon hitting the BOOK NOW
button, the ride request is sent to all the nearby taxi drivers.

● Ride booking confirmation: once the driver accepts the ride request, details of the taxi
and the driver are displayed on the user’s app. Additionally, the arrival time and the
direction of the car are also displayed on the screen so that the users know where the
taxi is. And, in case the driver declines the ride request, it is forwarded to the next
available driver near the rider’s location.
● The ride begins: the ride begins as soon as the driver arrives at the location, picks up
the rider, and enters the OTP provided by the rider. The best thing is that the riders can
easily track the location of the taxi on the map in real time.
● Payment is completed: the riders can choose the payment method they prefer most.
They can choose to pay with a credit card, in-app wallet, or through cash. Now, as soon
as the ride ends, an auto-generated invoice is displayed with the exact taxi fare that the
rider has to pay.
● Ratings and reviews: both the riders and drivers can rate and review one another.
Develop a High-quality Uber Clone for Your Taxi Business
Let’s come to the key point of our discussion. How to develop the best Uber-like taxi app for the

Well, the answer is simple – using a pre-built solution. With a ready-made app, you can easily
develop a high-quality platform where your users can book taxis, rent a can, or book a taxi pool.
To make a perfect taxi app for your business, you need to consider a few things such as:
Choosing the right pre-built solution
As a business owner, you need to choose the right solution for your taxi business. There are
tons of on-demand taxi apps available in the market.
But, you need to find one that suits your needs and goals. Professionals recommend testing the
demo apps before investing in the solution. With the demo app trial, you will be able to see if the
solution matches your app development requirements or not.
Now, after a thorough trial, once you find the perfect solution, go ahead with the purchase!
Integrating modern features

To make sure that your on-demand taxi booking app stands out from the rest, you must
integrate only the top-notch features trending in the market.

Here is a short list of all the features that you must add to your app:

● SOS button
● Live location tracking
● In-app video call with the driver
● Multiple credit card management
● Login with Face ID and Fingerprint
● Voice note instructions
● OTP verification
● Ride scheduling
Launching more than just a mobile app
Apart from launching interactive, seamless IOS and Android mobile apps for your drivers and
riders, you must also tap into other channels. It means you can launch:

● KIOSK panel that you can place at airports, hotels, malls, and other transportation hubs
where you get a lot of tourists and visitors.
● iWatch app: this app enables your users to book taxis with their iWatch.

Also, you can let your users book taxis via the website or by manually calling the dispatcher
In Conclusion:
Are you ready to launch your own on-demand taxi booking app like Uber? Well, seeing the
market and the rising demand for taxi apps, it is the right time to start the business.

On the other hand, if you are an existing player in the industry, think about going online using a
pre-built solution.

In less than two weeks, your online taxi business will be up and running worldwide!