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How to do Carding – Part 1 | Introduction {{ What is Carding }}

How to do Carding

After Android Application Reversing Using Android series , today we are with our new series i.e How to do Carding or Ultimate Carding guide as per the request of our visitors. This series in divided into different parts so read all the parts carefully if you want to get concept about carding completely. In this first part we will be discussing introduction.

NOTE: This article is not written as per our experiences. These articles are written by collecting the experiences of different carders like: VIP, Ali etc. So post credit goes to them.

What is Carding?

According to Wikipedia “Carding is a term describing the trafficking of credit card, bank account and other personal information online as well as related fraud services. Activities also encompass procurement of details, and money laundering techniques. Modern carding sites are described as full-service commercial entities.”

In easy way we can describe it as : It is simply a trick to shop any product from the online website like Amazon and Flipkart with a fake credit card or hacked credit card and details. Some hackers hack someone credit card and use it to buy online products with their details.

Types of Carding:

According to some great carders, there are three types/levels of carding. They are listed as:

  • Level 1 Carding / Easy Carding

In this level the carder (Person who do carding) do carding of very cheap goods. For example: restaurant bills, small phone call bills, etc. Mostly in this level the carder use to do carding of goods below 50$. This is known as the entry level carding.

  • Level 2 Carding / Intermediate Carding

In this level the carder do carding of slightly higher goods like background reports, or very small physical items like some clothes of other things. Mostly in this level the carder use to do carding of goods below 50$. The different between the Level 1 and Level 2 carding is that Level 2 do carding of physical items.

  • Level 3 Carding / Hard Carding

This is regarded as the advance carding. In this level the carder do carding of everything this includes: cellphones , laptops and other goods. Mostly in this level the carder use to do carding of goods above 50$ and the upper limits is not fixed.

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We suggest that if you want to start your life as carder mover from level 1 to 3 gradually. Don’t try to go on Hard Carding if you have no idea of carding because it may end up you at jail.

This is the end of our first part. Hope you get some knowledge about Carding. In our next post we will publish How the Carding Works. To be updated about further post allow notification from our website and do like to our Facebook page.

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