How to Download Country Restricted app.

    There are times when we want to install a cool new trending app or game, only to find out that the app is not available in our country. This can be pretty infuriating because there are many great apps not available in all countries. So, you must be wondering if there’s a way on Android to install apps not available in your region. Well, on Android, there’s always a way!

    Rooting your Android device does give you access to these apps but that’s not a feasible method for everybody. Well, there’s a very simple way for this and not many people are aware of it. If you are one among the lot, here’s how you can install Android apps not available in your country:

    1. Firstly, you will need a VPN appto fake your location to the Google Play Store. Make sure to install the VPN app, which lets you manually choose the location.

    Note: For this article, we installed the Spotify app, which is not available in my region. If you open it in the play store, it shows this message ‘This item isn’t available in your country’. Also, we used the Rocket VPN app, which is available for free on the Play Store. 

    Android app not available in country Play Store

    2. Open the VPN app and select the country where the app is available. We selected United States as our location in the VPN app because there are some very cool US exclusive apps like Sportify, Cortana etc. Once you’ve selected the location, connect the VPN service.

    Android VPN connected

    3. Then, go to Settings->Apps->Google Play Store and tap “Storage“. Go ahead and clear data as well as cache of the app. Then, go back to the app info page and hit “Force Stop“.

    Android force stop Play Store

    4. Once done, go to Google Search and search for the app you want to install and tap the Play Store link you get in the search results. If you search directly from the Play Store’s search functionality, you won’t find the app.

    Search app from Google in Android

    5. The link will open up in the Play Store. Then, accept the prompts from Play Store and you should see the “Install” button now, which was previously missing.

    Google Play Store prompt

    6. Hit the “Install” button and Google will first ask you to continue setting up your Play Store account. Select “skip” and the app should start downloading.

    Play Store complete setup

    Note: You might have to keep the VPN apps running to use some of these app because the content of these apps might not be available for your country. 

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