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Guide: How to Download Private Instagram Photos

How to Download Private Instagram Photos

Every Instagram user enjoys discovering new social media opportunities. For instance, test the new functionality and options, download apps and services to make the use of Instagram faster and easier on an everyday basis. Sounds like a way to success, doesn’t it? 

In this article, we’ll look at the most widely asked question: how to download private instagram photos and other visual content. Especially, when Instagram policy does not allow users to save videos or photos from personal accounts. So, if you haven’t dealt with this issue before and have no idea what applications and methods you need clearly – let’s get started!

How to download photos from Instagram 

1. Use applications and tools

One of the most popular methods is to download the appropriate application to your phone. This can be different solutions: Telegram bot, Insta pic download, extension, smartphone solutions. Each of them works on the specific operating system: Android, iOS, Windows and others. To choose a quality solution, users need to look at the functionality, as well as the availability of paid and free versions.

Top 3 best applications for iOS and Android includes:

  • Inflact 

Modern platform for saving private photos. The plus is that Inflact ensures anonymity. User’s identity is hidden and 100% secure. Also, you can operate this tool on any device. The interface design is common to Instagram so users spend not more than 1-2 minutes in an easier way to save a photo. The solution has complete full free and premium options in case you want to broaden functionality.

  • Instadownloader

This app is fast, easy and secure. Besides, you do not need to sign in to your Instagram account. That’s a big plus. Users need to link the account and the app via a quick process and then be ready to save all kinds of content. Main features of this application: you can save any type of content and also create collections with downloaded images.

  • FastSave for Instagram 

Download private instagram photos on both smartphone and web. Install the extension/ application. It will automatically appear in the browser menu or on the desktop. To download a photo from a private account, you need to enter a name or account link. FastSave works on Android and iOS on the phone, Chrome browser on the web.

Before installing a solution make sure that your device always has free space for saving content. If not, clean the cache or use a memory cleaning application. 

2. Take a screenshot

The easiest way to save your favorite image is to take a screenshot. Users can do this on any device, in case they are subscribed to the person’s account. To take a screenshot, you need to press a certain button or a combination of buttons. Tutorial for the taking screenshot:

  • Open the post with the photo you like.
  • Press the button combination (sometimes in combination with ALT or Fn, depending on the device configuration) if the screenshot is taken from a computer
  • If the screenshot is taken on a mobile device, press the unlock button simultaneously with the volume down key, or select the appropriate option from the upper screen.
  • The file will be automatically saved to the folder on your device provided for screenshots.

The image will be saved in gallery or downloaders. Also, the screen shot saves the photo with all the other details that were reflected on the screen during the screenshot, so you will need to further process the image in a photo editor, cropping everything unnecessary.

What to do if you have no screenshot functions? It’s not a problem. You can install the dedicated app. The solutions are often in use: Super Screenshot, Screen Master, Touchshot, Screenit.

3. Downloading via Telegram

Are you a regular user of Telegram? So it is your way. Users can download favorite images in private space using the messenger functionality. In the mobile version of Telegram, you can only save the first image. In the desktop version, all images are available for download. Best well-known bots to manipulate for downloading private instagram photos: @inst4youBot, @instasavegrambot, @pstrbot.