How to easily gain new followers on Instagram?

Bringing together more than a billion users per month, Instagram is today one of the most popular social networks in the world. It is now essential if you want to make yourself known and gain notoriety. Cleverly operated, it can become a source of income or boost your sales volume if you are a business. With this in mind, having a significant number of subscribers will naturally increase your visibility, which will allow you to grow your activity as an influencer or as a brand or company. But how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes for free? Find out some answers in this article.

Set up a clear and neat presentation

This is one of the first things you need to do to attract new Instagram followers. Ask yourself the right questions beforehand: Who are you? What do you do ? What is your goal on this platform? What do you want to represent in your profile? etc.

To capture the attention of Instagramers, go for a meaningful name that echoes your core business if you’re an individual . Obviously, your brand or company name will suffice if it is a business page.

To help internet users get to know you better at a glance, state your identity and define what your profile represents in your bio. Be clear and concise, as you only have 150 characters to do this.

Also take the time to carefully select the first 9 photos that will compose your feed but also and above all your profile photo. The more convincing – and more pleasant to see – these photos are, the more Internet users will be inclined to subscribe to your account.

Buy followers on specialized sites to gain popularity on Instagram

Unless you publish truly viral content, acquiring followers on Instagram is a real long-term job that requires a well-thought-out social media strategy. The rule is quite simple to attract new followers: your account must be credible.

In general, an Instagram account is considered credible by Internet users when it brings together many subscribers , which is quite difficult if you are new to the platform and your community still only consists of a few people.

Fortunately, there is now a solution that allows you to gain many followers quickly: the purchase of Instagram followers . Do not hesitate to inquire beforehand to know where and how to buy certified followers , views, comments and likes on this platform.

Many specialized agencies currently offer this type of service. However, it is important to choose the one that can offer you real and active subscribers and who can do so in a “natural” way . And for good reason, if your account goes from a few subscribers to several thousand non-active subscribers overnight, it can arouse suspicion among Internet users.

Better to gradually boost your Instagram account, even if it takes you a little longer to reach the number of subscribers you want.

This type of specialized platform will also be able to offer you the purchase of comments, views, likes, subscribers for other social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter …

Use the right tools to have flawless photos on Insta

Photos are the essence of Instagram. It is therefore imperative that the photos posted on your account are impeccable. It is therefore recommended to invest in suitable equipment to achieve this objective.

Smartphones today can provide excellent image quality. However, if you are aiming for professional quality, buying a real digital camera is ideal.

If you are not happy with how your photos look, you can always edit them to your liking. To do this, Instagram already offers several built-in filters and you can also use the different settings offered by your smartphone or your camera (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.).

But nothing prevents you from using specific image processing software . You will have no difficulty in mastering them thanks to the multitude of tutorials currently available online.

Either way, I advise you not to overdo the filters and tweaks . Above all, do not distort the photos at the risk of making them lose their authenticity.

If you are really looking for top quality, working with a professional photographer can also be a great alternative.

Offer quality content

If photos have an essential place on Instagram, you should know that they do not guarantee the success of your account. You need to have a specific content strategy to make sure you build engagement with Instagramers.

Make sure that the content of your account is always neat, qualitative and attractive to visitors. With this in mind, take the time to understand your target audience to make sure you offer content that may interest them.

Consider producing unique, personalized and authentic content to increase your chances of appealing to Internet users. You can take inspiration from current events or the values ​​that you convey to do this, but you can also do a competitive watch to keep abreast of public requests.

Either way, be careful not to stupidly copy what others are doing . If you find the topic interesting, try to approach it from another angle. Visitors will thus be able to see and judge your own expertise on the subject in question.

To grab the attention of Internet users, find the right format of captions. Make sure they aren’t too short or too long. Focus on relevant content that is as easy as it is fun to read . Target keywords that are related to your business to optimize your ranking in search engines.

Instagram: post content regularly

To keep your Instagram account attractive over the long term, you need to constantly renew yourself and regularly offer new content.

If your account is not active enough, it will quickly be lost among the myriad of new features and innovative content offered by other Instagram users. Not only will potential new followers not see you, but those who are already in your community will be able to unsubscribe.

To put the odds on your side, choose the best time to publish your content . You can use Instagram statistics to see what time your post is most likely to be seen by the greatest number of Internet users. Depending on the results, you can post at fixed times or several times a day. Plan to be available at these times.

However, you have to be careful not to produce just any content just to keep your account active. Better not to post at all than to offer something of no real interest to your community.

Use the right hashtags

Today it is impossible to talk about Instagram and social networks in general without mentioning hashtags. Just like keywords, they are of paramount importance in natural referencing . They not only categorize content, but also provide better visibility to photos.

By using the right hashtags, especially the most popular, you increase your chances of attracting more subscribers, but also of having more reactions (likes and comments) on your publications. They are to be integrated directly with the description of the published photos and must perfectly describe the publications in question.

To choose them well, make a fixed list of keywords related to your activity. Add more as you go according to the specifics of the image or video published. The geolocation can also help you to generate traffic to your account. So don’t hesitate to clearly indicate where the photo was taken. Your publication will be automatically associated with the place indicated and can be seen by Instagramers who will do a search on the social network.

It is advisable to put lots of hashtags on the photos. Obviously, it should not be abused. According to Instagram experts, the ideal is to put a maximum of twenty . You have to be careful not to copy and paste the same hashtags on all your photos, because the platform could take you for a robot, which would affect your visibility.

Interact with your subscribers to expand your community

To attract new followers, start by creating interaction with those who are already part of your community . Take some time to read their comments so that you get an idea of ​​what they think of you and / or what you post. Do not hesitate to react to their comments.

If you can’t respond to each comment one by one, at least take the time to like them. You can also post a new post to respond to your followers if many of them ask you the same things.

Your loyal followers will therefore be more inclined to recommend you to those around them and to share your content with other users, which can only be beneficial to you in your quest for new followers.

Become a follower yourself

But your actions on Instagram don’t have to be limited to your followers. Also take the first step towards other Instagramers by subscribing to their account. You will gain the attention of others by becoming a follower yourself. A lot of people will, out of curiosity, check your account and subscribe if they like what they see there.

There is also on Instagram the phenomenon of “follow to follow back” which is the tendency of the majority of users to automatically subscribe to accounts that subscribe to their accounts. People who tested this strategy were able to gain 10 to 30 followers by spending 5 to 10 minutes per day.

You can choose people at random, however, you can also rely on Instagram with its ‘Suggestions for you’ feature . The social network suggests about twenty accounts similar to yours or likely to interest you.

Alternatively, you can also simply react and comment on posts that appear on your News Feed.

Another most effective way to gain followers is to collaborate with other influencers to get people talking about you or your business. In return, you can ask your community to follow them.

Organize contests

If you already have many followers in your community, but you still want to increase your popularity, contests – the famous giveaway – are a great solution. Internet users love to participate as long as there is a prize to be won in return.

Rest assured, you don’t have to invest in expensive rewards to spark attendees’ interest. However, if your influencer career is already off to a good start, you can ask brands and / or companies to sponsor the giveaway and offer prizes of some value.

In order for the competition to have the desired effects – generate traffic to your account and increase your number of subscribers -, put in place rules such as:

  • Subscribe to your account
  • Share a link to your account
  • Tag a number of people in comment

Such conditions will allow you to put your account in the spotlight and quickly gain popularity.

Call on the services of a community manager

Managing an Instagram account – whether it’s a private or a business account – is no easy task. This requires some special skills (photo processing, writing and SEO skills, etc.), but also and above all time.

If you have neither, it is better to call on a community manager, especially if you want to become an influencer or put your professional account at the service of your company.

The community manager is a professional who can take charge of the management and animation of your Instagram account and all your social networks in general . Mastering all the cogs of this platform, he is able to implement all the strategies to increase your popularity and consequently the number of your subscribers.