How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Classroom

The whole world is suffering from a disease like COVID-19. From its starting, While the disease affected the daily lives of human beings, the education system around the world had also been disrupted. In an effort to revamp the same system, educational institutions had decided to teach online.

Making this online study possible was by no means an easy task, but the technological trend around the world made it possible. So, the Internet paves the way for everyone to get an easy and complete education safely at home through Google classroom.

Google Classroom is a free software of Google that demands only a personal Google Account and class code to enter. It was originally launched in 2014 to make it easy to share files between teachers and students. So, for teachers and students, many brands have launched laptops that are best for Google Classroom to be used seamlessly. The main work you can do includes:

  •     Scheduling and taking classes.
  •     Giving and taking assignments.
  •     Grading.
  •     Engaging students in online learning without any hassle.

Google Classroom works equally well on Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It stores documents, assignments, files, videos on Google Drive. G Suit service and customization offer high security. Although its background is white, you can change it into a black mode for convenience.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Classroom

Whether you are using a website or its app on Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad), there is no built-in option of changing the mode of Google Classroom from white to black. But there is another option which aids you in this matter.

That option is one of the Chrome extensions. So, if you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers, these extensions will be compatible with all of them. Some of the extensions are

  • Stylish chrome extension
  • Dark Mode
  • Dark Reader
  • Dark Display
  • Night Eye
  • Midnight Lizard


Firstly, open your laptop or PC, then open Google Chrome. Open the web store, and search any extension mentioned above. Once it opens, download it by clicking on the option “Add to Chrome”.

If you see the extension icon in the top right bar, click on it and enable dark mode. If you didn’t find it, then click on the three vertical dots in the top right bar, click on more tools, and then extensions.

Find the one (dark mode extension) among the downloaded extensions and click on it; you can also pin it if you want to make it appear on the top right bar. Once it opens, enable the dark mode. Don’t worry if you want any changes, as these extensions allow you to change some options like increasing or decreasing brightness and contrast.

Not only google classroom, but these extensions also help you to allow dark mode on other websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Pinterest, etc.

Similarly, you can also download extensions on the Firefox browser by using Search the extension, open one of them, click on “Add to Firefox”, and after opening the extension, enable the dark mode.

Note: Any extension or enabling dark mode on your phone does not affect the Google classroom. So, if you are using Google classroom on your phone, you can’t use it in black mode.

The Bottom Line

Google Classroom has made taking online classes very easy for both teachers and students. Best of all, many brands have launched separate laptops to allow Google Classroom to be used seamlessly.

In short, Teachers and students should never compromise on an important need like education, so they should make arrangements to buy the Best laptop for google classroom so that their education is not disrupted in any way.