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How to Ensure Safety and Security while Working from Home?

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After the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world, people were told to stay within their homes. Flight operations were canceled, offices were shut down, and people were asked to maintain social distance. Many employers asked their employees to work from home to avoid any critical situation. Following these measures of social distancing were necessary to avoid spreading the virus and continue working without being restricted to office premises. 

However, working from home is quite different from working at the office. It is not only the overall setting and atmosphere but also the ease employees were enjoying during the stay at home. The biggest threat for any employee was to make sure they deliver in time, and that isn’t possible without having a reliable and fast internet connection. If you are still working from home, and not getting enough speed to have video conferences, check Optimum internet near your area. 

When it comes to offices and companies, the networks are secured and protected from any vulnerabilities. However, people working from home might not bother much as they are in a rush to deliver their projects. But that’s not a good approach as there are plenty of files, pictures, and videos that you don’t want to show it to others. 

How to ensure security while working from home is our today’s topic. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Antivirus Software Helps in Securing Your Network 

When it comes to small and large enterprises, they go through a series of precautions to protect the systems from being exposed to malware. Normally they install a powerful security antivirus that restricts employees to install third-party applications or software. Moreover, the employees can’t even use any unauthorized device to access the company’s system. Working from home does not come with any restrictions. But you have to take the responsibility to make the system secure and protected. 

To avoid such situations, you need to install a reliable software on your device. If you are tight on budget, you can install a free one. But if you can afford it, it is better to purchase a security suite that won’t cost you a fortune.

Update Operating Systems and Programs

Most of us act lazily when it comes to updating software and operating systems. The reason is that it takes a lot of time, which we are not willing to spend. However, with every software or operating system update, the loopholes in security are minimized and further enhancements are made to deal with security issues. it won’t cost you anything else from time. Just update the software when you are on a break or before you go to bed. 

Configure Wi-Fi encryption

Installing antivirus software isn’t enough because hackers can break into your Wi-Fi network without letting you know. If the hacker breaks in, he/she can access everything from passwords to personal and private information such as credit card details, bank statements, and other important documents. Therefore, it is important to configure your Wi-Fi properly to stay away from such happenings. 

Firstly, you need to find whether the connection is encrypted to keep your data safe from hackers. To check this out, you can simply try connecting a new device to it. If it requires a password, that means it is encrypted. However, there are some standards, which you have to choose from. Some of the standards are obsolete and does not work anymore. While others are best for keeping your home network secure. The best one is WPA2 that can be changed through router settings. Also, keep in mind that your Wi-Fi password should be strong. A strong password usually comprises of numbers, special characters, upper and lower alphabets. Don’t use generic names such as the address of your home, or your name. Pick any random combination that isn’t possible for hackers to guess. 

Use a VPN when Using Public Wi-Fi 

Staying at home and working gets boring and you need to have some change. Probably, you will go to some nearby café to spend some time there working, having a cup of coffee with delicious molten lava cake. Now you need to be extra careful when connecting to the public Wi-Fi. These Wi-Fi networks are not secured and encrypted making it vulnerable to cyber threats. 

If you want to keep yourself secure and protected, make sure to install a VPN on your laptop. Virtual Private Network will allow you to browse the internet anonymously, making it impossible for anyone to sneak your private and confidential information. 

Don’t Forget to Lock Your Device 

If you are sitting in a café or some other public place, make sure to lock your device, no matter what. It won’t cost you anything but will ensure security. Especially, when you are in a public place like a café, restaurant, or a bar, leaving your device open and unattended might bring greater problems. 

Moreover, if you are at home and no one has access to the room, it is still worth to lock your device. For instance, if a naughty kids get into your room and send something weird to your coworker or share some file accidentally, you might be in big trouble. Just don’t take the risk if there are pets in your home especially a dog or a cat. Moreover, don’t forget to password protect your laptop as well. 

Stay Watchful

When it comes to mailboxes, a highly convincing edu email addresses can grab your attention. Especially if you are a remote worker, you might face these kinds of situations often. Make sure to read the message carefully and if it claims that you have won millions of dollars for shopping at Amazon or any other store, you just need to delete it as early as possible. Similarly, if someone is asking you to share bank information such as credit card numbers and other details, stay vigilant for these emails as well. Moreover, if there is a link in the mail, never try to click it or otherwise get ready for the consequences.

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