How to Fill Out USCIS Form I 566

Using the USCIS form I 566 to your advantage is a must if you are a foreigner in the U.S. Depending on your status, you may be eligible for a change of status or you may be required to provide your current address for some form of legal compliance. Either way, it’s important to note that you must first make sure you are eligible before you enact your newfound legal status. The following is a short list of things you must do before you can submit your form.

You may need to make a formal request with the proper authorities before you can submit your form. The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with administering the Citizenship Application Processing Center, aka the CAPP. You can find their HQ at 1531 California Street, Sacramento, CA. The form can be mailed or delivered in person. You can also call in to ask for assistance. In addition to the I-566, you will also need to fill out the L-Questionnaire and any other required paperwork.

The DHS is tasked with collecting the required information for your application, coordinating with other agencies, and providing your application with a final review. The process takes roughly seven weeks, assuming you’re in the U.S. Fortunately, the Department of Homeland Security has a website that you can visit to check in and out, and to get more information on the process. You can also download a handy list of all the steps required for your application. There are other perks, such as the option to file your form online, which is a nice perk if you’re working from home. You can also get a copy of the form on a CD if you’re a bit more tech-savvy.

The most important part of the process is the ensuing review. You may need to resubmit your application for a number of reasons, but the Department of Homeland Security has a well-oiled machine to take care of you. You can get help with your application by calling a toll-free number or visiting their website. You can also visit their headquarters in San Francisco and see them in action, or check out their Facebook page.
If you have any questions, please visit  USA-immigrations.com for more information.

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