How to Find and Avoid Fake Sellers of Madden Coins

With the most innovative graphics in all Internet games, EA has once again proved that the Madden series is one of the masterpieces you can trust, even if it is not the highest quality series.

I like the ultimate team game mode, where I can open the excellent tube packaging to unlock my favorite players.


It didn’t even let me start using the MyCareer game mode, which brought me back to the era when I dominated the high school football scene! Not to mention, the graphics are so realistic. It makes me feel like I am throwing away old pigskins!



Now, let’s get into the negative part of the review. Just joking! This game is a masterpiece. I don’t think any changes are needed. It is not surprising that a reliable developer like EA will release another similar gem. I can’t wait for Madden 22.


The development team is currently focusing on specific areas to improve the quality of the game. Madden 22, like other sports games, has a franchise mode and an online mode. Provided the latest roster for different teams, this game is quite interesting. However, the problem reported by many gamers is the lack of a good franchise model. Madden 22 may be an exciting game for you if you are interested in the online mode, but if you want to experience the franchise mode, then things may not be as attractive as expected.


Getting free Madden Coins is crucial because it can help you buy new players. If you like playing on Madden NFL, you must know how to find the right seller. In this article, you will learn an easy way on how to spot fake MUT Coin sellers.


How to spot fake MUT coin sellers

When you encounter them, these methods can find fake Madden NFL coin generators.


Too many ads

If a few ads appear on the site, it may indicate that you have chosen the wrong seller. If you are not careful, you may be tempted to click on one of the pop-up windows. These pop-up windows may sometimes lead you to fill out survey forms that require your login details. They can also ask you to buy a gift card. Whenever you encounter this situation, please take a moment to conduct a quick check.


Urgent customer service to help you

The customer service centers of these counterfeit sellers were not excluded. They were found on the game forum, trying to help. If there is enough enthusiasm to help you come from the other end, you may need to take a step back and think twice. That’s because many of them can attract you to their website and then get your Madden NFL account details in turn.



A quick and easy way to find fake sellers is through the way they promise you. Most of the time, their social media pages will recommend how to buy game shortcuts. At other times, a large number of unique rewards may be promised to you. You find that this is pure text, without any action.


How to avoid fake sellers of MUT coins, Here are ways to prevent these fake sellers:


Be careful

Take some time to learn all the safety practices applicable to the Madden NFL gaming platform. When you do, it will be difficult for these sellers to defraud your money.


Make sure you have sufficient funds.

You need to understand that once you have a lot of money, many things will change. In this way, you will be able to purchase cards from suitable sources. You can deposit these funds into actual cash or rebates. An example of a correct start is Amazon.


in conclusion

There are scammers in almost every industry or industry in the world. They often plunder unsuspecting minds and take their hard-earned money from them. Fake Madden NFL coin sellers are usually withdrawn from their hiding places when they find newbies. This article describes how to detect them and how to protect their conspiracy. However, if you have ever been the victim of a fake seller of MUT Coins, then complaining to the appropriate authority is the best choice!

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