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How to Find Fax Cover Sheet Template for Business

For a successful business, good communication, be it verbal or written is paramount. A well drafted document creates a perception in the minds of the recipient about the viability of business, success of business and the standards of business.

Speaking of business communication, fax documents are an extremely coveted way to communicate. Some entities still happen to allow the admissibility of faxed documents as compared to other formats of business communication.

Business communication might have evolved with time, but faxes have been, are and will always be a very incredible way to communicate. The admissibility and acknowledgement of fax documents around the world make it a very reliable source and form to receive and send business related documents.

Having emphasized enough upon the reliability of fax documents, the presentation of a fax document can make or break a deal. This is where fax cover sheets turn out to be a very trustworthy form of creating an attractive cover sheet accompanying the fax.

Imagine just sending a post without an envelope? This is what a fax would be without a fax cover sheet. You can’t just send out any document without a proper context to it. Understanding the limitation in human creativity to form a different fax cover sheet, you can head to CocoFax to garner all necessary information.

What is CocoFax?

CocoFax is a virtual faxing service provider. It allows its subscribers to send out and receive faxes without having a fax machine. In addition to that, it also offers a massive template of over 100+ printable fax cover sheet templates that can be used to accompany a fax.

The plethora of well drafted templates allows you to get an edge on your fax submission. The sheets will offer you the cutting edge professionalism that your business seeks. If the cover page is articulate, it anyways adds more value and structure to the fax message underneath.

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

Fax cover sheet is the first pager concise and precise document accompanying a fax document. It contains important and concise details about the content of a fax. The vital details, purpose, context of the fax are rightly spread out.

The important contents of a fax cover sheet are as mentioned below:

1)      Letterhead

The first section of the fax cover sheet comprises the company letterhead. Company’s letterhead is the official header and footer of the company sending out the fax. Letterhead acts as a prima facie substantive proof that the fax document has been received from a representative of the company.

Generally, a letter head comprises many essential specifics of and about the company that are laid out in a very well structured header and footer format. Information like company name, company logo, company tax ID and other essential registrations are finely stated in the format.

Further additions to the company letter head comprises the company’s communication information. It stated the many ways in which the business can be communicated. It has the address, company’s official email ID and phone number.

It further corroborates on the legitimacy of the sender of the message. It also gives very well structured information about the company. For instance, the business prima facie states its legitimacy on multiple fronts for reference.

2)      Information about Sender and Recipient

It is essential to state the information about the sender of the message and stating who the message is intended for. There are abundant reasons why and how this information is extremely relevant? It ensures confidentiality of information.

When a document is faxed without a cover page on a traditional fax machine, anyone having access to the fax machine can see the information. When the recipient name is not stated, the fax document might end up on the company board of lost and found. This is not the way to send business communication.

On the contrary to the above approach, when the sender’s name is specifically stated at the very start of the message, there is extremely little chance of the message being read by an unintended user.

Stating the recipient’s name ensures that the fax would in fact end up with the right recipient even if he/she did not receive it immediately. It protects the real message underneath from any unintended access.

Stating the sender’s name also ensures clarity on where the message is coming from. It might be any associated vendor or business partner or prospective client, knowing the sender helps the recipient to categorize the message and his response to it.

3)      Call to Action

Call to action is knowing what needs to be done with the fax. Mostly, a response is expected from the recipient of the message. Call to action confirms the nature and the kind of response expected.

Should the response be a suggestion, comment, confirmation, feedback or any other sort of business communication. Having clarity on the kind of anticipated action limits the to and fro of unrequired information.

4)      Subject

The subject of a fax document is a one liner about the content of the message. It contains very precise and absolute information pertaining to the fax with all accurate references. If the fax is a response to a query, a reference number can be associated with the subject. This helps in further clarity of the message.

5)      Comments

If there is any information that doesn’t fit anywhere else, comment is the section it should be in. The comment section is the general category where every other essential information about the fax can be stated, something that cannot be categorized anywhere else.


A well drafted fax cover sheet can add more value and perception to your fax message than even the actual content. Business is run on perceptions and professionalism. When you head to CocoFax for a fax cover sheet, you would be surprised at the variety of 100+ fax cover sheets it has to offer.

So, in addition to being the most reliable and fax machine-less way to send out business faxes, CocoFax also turns out to be a provider of fax cover sheet templates.

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