How to fix a Mac not booting up?

fix a Macfix a Mac

Is your Mac not booting up? Well, don’t panic! It is an electronic device, and everyone could face this kind of issue at any point in time. We will guide you on how you can overcome this problem.  You will be able to process starting Mac Machine from a dead or offline state, and it will perform any computing operation. Let’s get to know how to fix a Mac not turning on.  

Scenarios that appear when Mac not booting up 

Several issues you can mess with when your Mac device did not boot 

  • The screen of Mac turns white
  • Your Mac turns black
  • You stuck on the login screen
  • You may see a prohibitory symbol
  • Your device screen turns pink
  • Your device shows a Mac folder with a question mark
  • It gets stuck on the loading bar
  • Your device won’t past the Apple logo

These are the common problems that you can see when a Mac won’t turn on. Now, it is time to go from fixing all of these issues to booting your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iMac. 

Top 7 quick fixes that you can manage to boot up your Mac 

Check No. 1: Check the power cable and display of your Mac device

Make sure that the power connection and display of your device are working. You can change the power cable and check your adapter, for instance. Further, change the battery of your device if you are up to MacBook with removable battery. Meanwhile, take a look at the battery’s working condition.

Check No.2: Perform power cycling 

You need to press the power button for up to 10 seconds and shout down your device for sure. Now start your Mac once in a while to see if it works.

Check No.3: Quickly fix the Macintosh HD in macOS Recovery mode

You need to boot your Mac device in a macOS Recovery mode and select Disk utility by visiting the menu. Further, pick out the Macintosh HD. Now tap on the First Aid given on the top and click run to repair the disk. 

Check No.4: Reset PRAM/ NVRAM

Now reboot Mac and press & hold (Alt) + Command + R + P keys at once for up to 20 seconds. Don’t let go of the keys unless your Mac got reboot. Your device screen will turn grey, and you will hear Mac booting sound. You can go through preferences and change the settings at your will. 

Check No.5: Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

You should shut down your device and use your AC adapter to make sure it has enough power. Further, use the device keyboard and hold shift + Command + option Alt + power button keys up for 10 seconds. Leave all the keys, at once and use the power button to boot your computer.

Note: In-case it is a Mac desktop: 

Shut down your device and then unplug it up for 15 seconds. Moreover, plug it in again and use the power button to reboot your device. 

Check No.6: Reinstall macOS

Though it’s not suggested, users can reinstall macOS to have a fresh start. But, to avoid data loss issues, you should back up or recover your data before reinstallation. After that, you need to restart your Mac device again and immediately press Command + R keys to boot into macOS Recovery mode. Further, select reinstall macOS in utilities window. Then just follow the onscreen instructions.

Check No.7: Ask for help from the Apple repair store

If you cannot fix your Mac problem still, or maybe it has a hardware issue. Ask for help from an Apple repair store, rather than wasting your time digging online.


Based on different scenarios you are faced with and the Mac model you are using, there can be multiple ways to fix an unbootable Mac. This issue may look serious but sometimes a simple reboot can fix that. Don’t worry if you encounter Mac not booting up issue again!

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